What is an Input Device for a Computer?

So you have all your computer parts, but now you need the things to control your computer. A mouse, keyboard, monitor, and speakers (or headphones). While the insides of your computer are undoubtedly important, the things you interact with will often shape your experience. Because they are how you experience your computer.

When I first built a computer I overlooked my peripherals and didn’t factor them into my price. This turned out to work well. Suffering through a couple of months with a poor monitor and the same mouse I have had for 15 years was surprisingly easy. But upgrading my mouse changed my experience, tracking was smoother, multi-tasking easier, and I was more productive. Both in the game and in work.

I don’t know what my mouse was before I upgraded, that’s how long I have had it. It was a gift from my brother about 15 or 16 years ago. All I know is that I have never used another mouse. Honestly, I have only owned one mouse. Me buying a new mouse was a big deal. I intend to use this mouse until it no longer functions, much like my old mouse (which I still have, just in case).

The kind of mouse you want is dependent on what you are mostly going to use it for. I mostly play FPS’s so I wanted a mouse with a high DPI but didn’t need a lot of buttons. Also, I hold my mouse with a Claw hold.

For those of us who don’t know, there are 3 types of ways to hold a mouse. Palm, Claw, and finger.

G502 Proteus Core from Logitech

Some mice are better suited to a grip style. I use the claw grip and a G502 Proteus Core from Logitech. The mouse is perfectly suited for my needs, it has a stupid DPI and just enough buttons on it that I can control my music using exclusively my mouse. Oh and I reload with my mouse. It’s awesome. The sensitivity is perfect and more precise than my old mouse. My wrist doesn’t hurt anymore and it takes less movement to get things done. I can do a quick precise 180 to snag a headshot quickly. But the biggest thing about a mouse is that it is comfortable in your hand. Look at the mouse you are using now and see how you hold it. Then figure out what kind of grip it is and what mouse suits the grip best.

So you figured out what mouse to get, but now you need a monitor.

For graphics, a monitor is probably one of the most important things to get. If you want to get the best possible graphics you should look at spending more money on a monitor since it is what displays the graphics.

The graphic card draws a picture but the monitor is the lighting and the frame. It is what displays the graphics, and there are many different types of monitors. Without going to in depth there are several things to look out for on a monitor.

First thing is what you do the most on your computer, what do you care about the most? If you play fast paced games and don’t do graphic design then you should look at TN panel monitor. These are the fastest monitors but they tend to have poor viewing angles and colors. But if you need accurate colors and better viewing angles then you should go with IPS panels. They tend to have slower refresh rates which aren’t great for fast paced games and they tend to be more expensive but worth it for anyone who makes money on their computer.

Basically, if you are an average gamer with average needs you are going to want to look at a TN panel monitor, but anything besides gaming is going to be all about the IPS panel.

When looking at monitors you have probably seen different Hz levels. Well, that is how often the screen redraws an image in a second. If you play fast paced games such as racing games or FPS then you should probably get something that’s 120 Hz or above. That means that the screen is redrawing the image 120 times per second. Most people would recommend 144 because that’s the upper limit. But if you have a budget then 120 works nearly as well.

Then there is the refresh rate of a monitor. This is how quickly the monitor can display changes, such as you looking around. You want this to be as short as possible, so 1 ms. That’s lowest we can get it right now. Anything above that could be noticeable, especially if you are used to a fast refresh rate.

And then there is the resolution. The rule of thumb here is that bigger is always better. But 1080p works for everything. Basically the bigger the screen the better. This is a personal choice, though, as you need to weigh all the other aspects of the monitor. We have yet to get 4k widescreens that run at 1 ms and 144 Hz. That’s just not possible. Yet. It won’t be possible at normal consumer prices for a long time, but it is something to look forward to.

Keyboards, the thing that you type, the controller so to speak of the computer. It would seem that this must be important and complicated. Surprisingly it is easy to keep it relatively simple. Mechanical keyboards are better because they are faster and more responsive, but they are louder and more expensive. If you can then get a mechanical keyboard.

They use springs instead of little plastic tops and directly connect the electrical signal to the key as opposed to having it be rerouted like most keyboards. This will lead to a more satisfying typing experience, but it won’t really improve your gaming experience. Just your typing and all-around computing experience. In my opinion, the mouse is more important.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core

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G502 Proteus Core from Logitech

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