Valiant Hearts: The Great War Review for PS4

Always wanted to play a game that is completely different than all the others? Now you have a chance with the Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Explaining with words how different this game is would be difficult, simply because it is an extraordinary piece of development. When we say different, we think of the graphics that is more like a cartoon than like an actual game, which leaves us with two types of people, involved with the game. There are those who will love it and those who will hate it. After playing it, we are definitely those who love it! Chances are high you will love it as well.

In order to get an idea how special the game is, watch the official trailer and you will get an idea. After that, the only thing you can do is start playing.


The gameplay is a strong side of the Valiant Hearts: The Great War! The action, the story and the characters are linked together and they complete the game, which is rare nowadays. In order to understand us better, you should know that the story is set in World War I, between Germany and France. The warfare is definitely a plus side for gamers who want old and actual wars, not modern and futuristic, sci-fi combats. The characters look shallow, at the beginning, but there is a lot of details and stories they will tell, therefore they make the entire game more appealing.


Besides the story and the location, you should know that you will play as 5 characters, separately, of course. Each one has its own story, the details and actions he can do, which is definitely the second best fact about the game. We liked the fact you can play the game 5 times (each character is different and he will be placed in different situations). In general, all characters are fun, different and in some cases, even funny. Yes, there are comic situations in the game which is suitable for people who a game that features grotesque scenarios.

Actions characters can do, in fact, things you can do with a character will vary, but keep in mind that setting explosives, using grenades and killing enemies will be the main thing you will do. Another advantage of the game.


The main part of the gameplay are puzzles. You will have to complete a lot of them. Now, you will begin slowly, but the more you play, more complicated puzzles will become. Cracking safes, wearing costumes and simple item gathering are the main type of puzzles you will be playing, but there are plenty more, which you will have to discover by yourself. Simply said, playing the game for more than 10 hours per day is possible!


We already mentioned that the Valiant Hearts: The Great War has a completely different and original graphics. It cannot be described with the ordinary comparison, simply because there are no a lot of games that feature this type of graphics. For example, let’s just say that if you liked Simpsons, you will like the game too. They are not the same, but the resemblance is on a high level. All of this suggests that animations are alive and the cartoon-alike interface is fun but serious at the same time.


The effects are just a half of the story you will get. They are simple, interesting, advanced and all of this at the same time! Simple means that you get effects usually seen in the cartoon. Advanced means that they are followed with additional animations and they are pleasant to see. Of course, this isn’t a game for children, so you will see violence, blood and other horrors of war.

We especially liked the tutorials and the maps/book pages that will be shown during the gameplay. They are HD, for this type of graphics of course, and they are well-developed. The attention to details is at the ultimate level, no less and it is another reason why you will adore playing the game. Still, the Valiant Hearts: The Great War is developed for gamers who like this type of graphics, so don’t expect anything the game cannot offer.


Videos that are implemented into the game are a useful addition as well. We liked all of them, despite the fact some of them are too long. Of course, this applies to a lower number of them, and most of them have a correct length.


One of the best and definitely the most interesting features we like is the fact you get the ability to play with 5, different characters. There are no a lot of games of this type, therefore this is a useful and a suitable improvement/addition. Even better, each one will be involved in different situations and with different circumstances, which is another thing we like. The only, less-interesting thing is that you must play with all 5 of them, no matter do you want or don’t!

A cartoon-alike graphic must be mentioned. Although, this is more related to a graphic, obviously, than with a feature, it is something that makes the game stand out of the crowd. The Valiant Hearts: The Great War was is one of the best games in the year and one of many reasons why it is the best is the graphics, so we had to mention it as a feature.


The puzzles are an important part of the game. There is a lot of them, which can be a plus side and a drawback if you don’t like solving them. However, we like, so we will say that this feature also makes the game better and also different than most straightforward shooting games.

Impressive dog barking. We know that this may be an irrelevant feature when it comes to the Valiant Hearts: The Great War but pay attention. Dogs have an important role in the game and there are a lot of them. A much interesting fact is that dog barking is so real that your dog will reach if he hears dog sounds from the game! Imagine how real they are, if actual animals react to them.


  • The graphics in the game must be a positive side, due to the fact it is different, interesting and pleasant to look at.
  • Gameplay is interesting and offers a lot of
  • Sound effects are impressive.
  • Being able to play as 5 different characters.
  • The puzzles are amazing.


  • The gameplay may be too dark in some situations.
  • Some items have poor graphics.
  • Controlling a character is different than in other games, therefore difficult for beginners.

Who it is for?

The Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a different type of game, as we already mentioned, but it is suitable for all types of gamers. We honestly believe that beginners, intermediate and professional gamers will like the game and like spending time playing it. But, due to the unique concept of the game itself, beginners (who are new to PS4) may stop playing after a short period of time. Why? Beginners want to play games with well-known graphics which is modern, rich in details and look real. As you may know, this game isn’t like that, so amateurs may move to another game.


This also means that professional gamers will appreciate the puzzles, the graphics and the features the Valiant Hearts: The Great War has to offer.

Training/tools overview

The Valiant Hearts: The Great War will slowly introduce to all possible features and possibilities and it will show you all the main facts and features as well. There are tips and small tutorials, but don’t expect to spend a lot of time learning the game. Most features and capabilities of a character will be shown to you at the beginning, which means that you will get an idea how to play in a few hours.


The support of the Valiant Hearts: The Great War is limited to the official Ubisoft website. There are no a lot of ways to get support and help, but even with the website, you won’t be impressed with a support team ready to assist you.


The only plus side, we may mention is that the game is stable and there won’t be a lot of issues with it, at least you can hope for that.

Final opinion

What are the final thoughts of the Valiant Hearts: The Great War? It is very simple actually. You will get a game that is interesting to play and still won’t have some extreme effect on you after you stopped. On the other side, playing for more than 30 hours is possible! We will recommend the game and definitely, you should try the graphics we talked about. It hardly can be described with words, therefore playing the game is the only way you can get an idea.

The number of puzzles and possibilities in the game is outstanding and, making it slightly better than most competitor games. In any case, chances are higher that you will like the Valiant Hearts: The Great War, but they are higher that you will start liking it a few minutes after playing it.

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