Tips For Playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3 is a big game. Huge actually. And there is a lot to do with a lot of complicated systems. Understanding the game, especially if you have never played a Witcher game can be tough. So I figured I would give you guys (and gals) some tips on how to save everyone within The Witcher 3.

Forget about 100% completion.

You may want to, I wanted to spend as much time in this fascinating world as I could. But going for 100% is so daunting. If you need to complete it at a 100% then good luck. I couldn’t and wouldn’t expect anyone to do it.

Nobody should skip the tutorial.

I am a notorious tutorial skipper, why would I need to learn basic movement when I have played so many games before this. But the tutorial in Witcher 3 goes over some important things such as combat. The combat system is quite in-depth and requires a bit of learning and thinking. It is not a hack & slash (except against certain enemies).

In order to level up early you are going to want to do every side quest in White Orchard. This gives you good stuff and sets you up for the game.

Do side quests.

I know I just said not to go for 100% completion but that doesn’t mean focus on the main story only. There is a lot of game in The Witcher 3 and most of it takes place off the main stage. If you venture out into the woods and into random villages you are sure to be entertained as well as find some useful items.

These side quests are fundamental to your leveling up. If you are too low a level when you enter a mission or area you are going to die. It is painful to try to complete a mission that you are underlevel for.

If you find coins in another currency you can exchange them.

These coins go straight to your junk but if you hold on to them and exchange them at Vivaldis Bank in Novigrad you can get useful currency.

Before you venture into a dark cave on a quest, make a torch.

Also in order to make sure you don’t get lost down in a cave find some way to mark where you have been. I prefer lighting things on fire. Things like braziers burn for a long time so all I have to do is follow the light. But things that burn and then stop burning are still helpful. Just follow the scorched webs and grass.

When comparing items do not forget to look at other abilities beyond simple damage.

Some weapons can apply poison or have other attributes that boost damage. So a simple damage statistic can often be wrong. Don’t forget to look at all the aspects of the weapon and weigh pros and cons.

Don’t make hasty decisions.

Many decisions will have consequences later in the game. You don’t want to make any decisions that will make the game more difficult for you. But you don’t know what decisions will make the game easier or hrader. All I am saying is don’t make hasty choices.

If you get any Witcher equipment, hang on to it. It will become useful later on, even if it isn’t right now.

If you are going to be selling things to a merchant make sure you buy things from him first.

This has several effects. It makes the merchant like you more so he is more willing to pay a higher price. And it gives him more money so he can pay the higher price.

Don’t worry about which weapon Geralt is pulling.

If you are facing a creature that needs a silver sword then he will pull the silver sword. And vice versa with the steel sword. But do keep in mind that you can manually choose which weapon to draw.

Casting Signs costs stamina.

If you are a heavy Sign user then you should consider upgrading your stamina regen, or base stamina. Either way you will be able to cast more Signs in a shorter period of time.

If you are having a tough time with an enemy maybe you should apply an oil.

There are many different types of oils and each unique one adds damage to certain types of enemies. Make sure you apply the correct oil.

Before you go into battle make sure you have your most important items in your shortcut menu. This will save you time, and maybe your life.

If you have just finished a fight and are safe for a short while make sure you meditate.

Meditation heals wound and gets rid of negative effects. If you meditate you can save your items for when you are in danger and need a quick boost. Never forget to meditate.

When you summon your horse try to face the opposite direction that you are riding. The horse tends to spawn behind you so you can summon him and just turn around. This saves you having to wait to catch up

There is a merchant in Novigrad that sells manuscripts for enhanced potions.

Those potions can be the difference between life and death. Literally. They are awesome. I would suggest finding him. Note, you have to be above level 10 to buy them.

Loot everything.

Sometimes the most useless stuff end up being handy in Alchemy or other crafting things. Think before you sell. But don’t be a hoarder either, otherwise you might lose the ability to sprint.

The Witcher 3 is a massive game. This isn’t a comprehensive list of all the tips on it. But if you want to get good then you should play the game. That’s all I can suggest. Beyond these of course.

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