Tips For Playing Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games ever made. It is such a full world and has so much to offer. If you just want to get into it and want to know how to bring order to the west. Or how to survive as an outlaw then this is a list for you.

To nail headshots all you have to do is pull up a little bit.

The game has pretty solid auto aim. The reticle will snap to the center of body mass, the chest. So as soon as you have snapped to a target all you have to do is aim a little up and you are on the head. Then pull the trigger. Despite the era, the guns are all stupid accurate.

This game is so full of stuff to do. So take your time with it. Don’t rush and do only the missions. Do side missions, steal stuff. Have fun.

Decide early what kind of player you want to be.

Do you want to give into the Wild west and steal stuff. Or do you want to be a hero of the people and do good things? If you decide early then the honor system is going to work in your favor. It can take a while to change from being honorable and having everyone like you to being a villain. And vice versa.

If you need money but are worried about robbing people because of Honor…

Get the bandana early. This allows you to cover your face. Your mugging victims will not recognize you and your honor will stay intact. A great way to get money and leave your honor intact

If you are having trouble breaking in horses, then don’t look at the whole picture.

Block out the background and upper half of Marston. When you are riding the horse you have to look at the legs and see if they are leaning a certain direction. Then counteract that direction. Simple, once you understand it.

Do the Bonnie Macfarlane missions early. These will give you the lasso, which is super handy.

Capture your bounties alive using the aforementioned lasso. Shoot them in the knee and then run up and hogtie them. Then bring them to the sheriff.

After capturing someone with a bounty bring them to the sheriff as soon as possible.

If that person is important enough their gang might come after you to rescue him. If you are grinding for money this can be annoying.

Make well thought decisions. The game has an in-depth choice tree. Most decisions end up having later consequences. Either dramatic or miniscule.

Don’t forget to use Dead Eye.

It is a useful feature that I kept forgetting about. I only remembered when I was doing a mission that was difficult and I kept dying. Then I remembered that I could use Dead Eye. I beat the mission on my next try.


The map is huge, like massive, monstrous, mammoth, and monumental. It is full of awesome things. Things to look at, things to do and people to talk to. In typical Rockstar fashion the game is almost overflowing with things to do. There is never a dull moment or a wasted area. So as soon as the whole map is open go explore it.

Treat your horse well.

With such a big map you need a fast way to get around the map. While you will be switching out horses frequently it is good to treat each one well. They will not only be more willing to do your bidding but they will also be more capable of doing said bidding.

Don’t spur your horse too much.

Sure you may need to go fast at that moment. But if you do it too often then your horse could buck you. Have fun going fast with no horse. So it’s always better to be careful with how fast you go.

If you need to go somewhere fast maybe you should stop moving.

Set up camp and you can fast travel to locations. This will stop you from having to deal with all the issues associated with traveling in Red Dead Redemption. So don’t be afraid to set up camp.

If you need to save the game, then set up a camp as well. It is the only way to manually save the game.

Rockstar has introduced more side missions with Challenges.

They come in 4 categories, treasure hunting, sharpshooting, survivalist, and hunting. These will make you better at the game and add hours of game time.

Speaking of game time, Don’t forget to take you time with it.

I know I said this already but it is worth mentioning again. The game has so many things to do. The writing is fantastic and has a sense of urgency. But if you can ignore that sense you will feel much better about yourself.

Don’t skip cutscenes.

This game is massive. It’s a long winding story that brings you to different locales. Everything is brought together by a fantastic story. If you skip cutscenes you will be missing so much of the game. Even if you don’t care about the story or life of John Marston you should watch them just so you know why you are murdering everyone.

If you get caught with a bounty but have no cash to pay it.

Fear not. You can do a bounty mission and pay it off through work. Similar to doing dishes to pay for a meal you work off your debt.

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games ever made. It also happens to be one of the few in the Western genre. It has effectively scared everyone else out of the genre.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you conquer the west and play the game the way you want.

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