Tips For Playing Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is a game that took the world by storm when it first came out. It broke most sales records and is the reason half the country called in sick the next day. And with good reason. The game is a masterpiece, so full of things to do. I haven’t even done it all.

But I have played hundreds of hours. Beat the game, and played every GTA since 2005. Thats when I first got into the games. I think that I am qualified to offer some tips and tricks on how to enjoy the game. I am not going to give you help completing the missions. They are pretty easy and happen slow enough that you can just take your time to figure things out. The beauty of GTA is the size of the world. Not the difficulty of finishing the game.

So without further ado, here are some tips on things to do in GTA V.

NOTE: These are not in order of what I think is most important.

Do Yoga.

I actually kind of enjoyed the yoga session and its a nice way to relax after going on a police shooting spree

Go on a police shooting spree.

Or better yet, go to the military base and murder everyone. You will die. But it will be fun and at the end of the day, thats all that matters.

Build a business empire.

In GTA V you can buy businesses and then do missions for them. Its a great way to make some money and it always feels awesome when you own several businesses. Feels like I’m going legit.

Take your time.

This is the biggest tip I can give. GTA V is a huge game and there is no need to rush through the missions immediately. Take your time to drive around the city. Explore. Go into the wilderness.

The missions do a good job of showing you what the game has to offer so if you did something you liked go back and do it again. I liked the hunting section, so I went back after that mission and spent an hour just hunting. The hunting has a great job of putting in moments of urgency, but none of it actually matters. It doesn’t matter how fast you complete that mission.

Set personal missions.

The game is so big that you can do missions that developers didn’t think of. Do you see a building rooftop that you want to land a car on top of? Go for it. Look around and find things you can do. There are so many, its incredible.

Go egg hunting.

And by eggs I mean easter eggs. There are plenty scattered throughout the game. If you don’t want to find them all then feel free to Google them. That’s what I did. To start you off, there is one on Mount Chiliad at dawn. I’ll let you discover it.

tips-for-grand-theft-auto-v-2Learn to drive.

The cars tend to handle the same. So take your time to learn how to drive and drift. It makes getting around the city much faster and enjoyable.

Use the characters special abilities.

For the first half of the game I kind of forget about their abilities. Then I remembered that I can use the slow down time to drive faster. It saves so much time getting around the city. And Trevor can get almost invincible in a fight. As well as getting a boost in flying ability.

Use cheats.

Sometimes you just want to cause the most mayhem as possible and then you want unlimited ammo. Or invincibility. Its always fun to just murder everyone and everything.

Find a way to get 5 stars.

I found it challenging to get 5 stars. So far the only way I have found is to go on the military base and steal a vehicle.

Steal a military vehicle.

In one of the missions you are tasked with stealing a helicopter. I would suggest going back afterwards and stealing other things. The most difficult for me was the jet. They shoot the jet before you can take off. But it is possible. And is a thrill to pull off. A tank is also fun to steal

Kill police helicopters are the wind farm.

There is a wind farm in Blaine County that is a crafty area to go to deal with enemy helicopters. You just run in there and watch the helicopters get hit by the spinning turbines. A captivating experience.

Steal a jumbo jet.

Sure you could steal a smaller plane but it isn’t as fun. So I would suggest stealing the 747. There are several ways of doing this, but the easiest is to buy a hangar. Owning a hangar stops you from getting a wanted level as you walk into the airport. So it gives you a little more time to get closer to the plane. Then just hop in and take off.

Go into GTA Online with a grain of salt.

Online is the best part of the game. Its just like normal GTA but then with other real human beings. Which makes it both fun and exciting as well as frustrating and tedious. As with every online experience, it is dependent on the people you play with.

Some people are grievers that want to ruin your experience. When you have a community as big as GTA Online has, you are going to experience grievers. But for the most part you will experience good people who are there to have a good time. Stay with those people.

If you have found a good community of players then stay with that community. There is a higher chance of meeting people you do not meld with. People who have different expectations from the game.

And that’s it for the tips that will make you enjoy the game more. It boils down to doing what you want, when you want. Thats the beauty of GTA. It lets you craft the experience how you want, but every experience is good and will result in hours upon hours of fun.

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