Tips For Playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Mankind Divided is a pretty new game and people are still finding better ways to play the game. But having completed it already and going through it a second time I have curated this list of tips that have helped me in the game.

Some of these tips are straight from the Developers mouths as well. So you know they are legit.

Keep your eyes open.

The devs have hidden things all over Prague. Sometimes in plain sight. So make sure to always be watching your surroundings when you are exploring or moving from mission to mission.

Another tip from the lions mouth (so to speak, and by lion I mean dev) is to think vertical.

Eldos Montreal has done a great job making the game more vertical. Giving it another layer to explore and always providing you more than one route. Don’t like subjecting yourself to the aug discrimination? Find another route. And usually that route involves going up or down.

If you want to get full value out of the game you should save before you do a mission.

Then when you complete the mission you can load that save again and try the mission in a different way.

It is possible to turn AI against AI.

You can set off a car alarm causing bodyguards to run out and get shot by a police drone. So satisfying.

If you have played Stealth games before I suggest playing the game on the highest difficulty.


It actually isn’t that hard and makes the game much more rewarding.

If you want to collect as many weapons as you can to try them all out then you should get the tranq rifle at the beginning.

You can do this following the non-lethal and ranged dialogue choices. This leads you to the rifle. The rifle isn’t that much better then other weapons, but it is much more rare.

With all the different augmentations you can get the game can feel a little overwhelming.

However, the game was built for a stealthy playstyle. So I would suggest going for a stealth build and playing the game that way. The gunplay isn’t great but the stealth parts of the game are fantastic. Besides, if you like run and gun games then you probably won’t like this game that much.

When you start the game there are so many different augs to pick from.

But I have a couple of suggestions that would have been helpful on my first playthrough and were great on my second try. Go for the Smart Vision aug right away. It lets you scan the surroundings letting you see grates, vents, hidden entrances, and loot. All wonderful things.

Another great first aug is the Glass-Shield Cloaking.

Essentially invisibility it helps you  survive in a pinch when you messed up. Also the more you move the more it drains your batteries.

Since movement is so key to stealth I would suggest going for augs that give you more, or easier, mobility.

Augs like Optimized Muscalature, which lets you pick up heavy objects. This is important because there are a lot of hidden entrances behind boxes and such.

On that note, interact with as much of the world as possible.

It is surprising how much can be interacted with and moved around. Kudos the Eldos Montreal for not giving us a static world.

Another useful aug (they are all useful, but you know, extra useful) is the Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis.


It lets you jump higher which gives you better vent access.

If you feel like there aren’t already enough stealth options in the game then get Remote Hacking.

It gives you even more options. But I don’t know why anyone would think they need even more.

If you see a locked door, break in.

The devs used locked doors as a sign post of there being something good behind there. And as long as you don’t get caught there are no repercussions. It’s ok, Adam Jensen is better at burglary than catwoman.

If you are short on cash there are several ways to make some extra money.

The easiest is selling guns. But the trick is to never pick up duplicates. If you pick up a duplicate gun then it breaks down into ammo. So always sell a gun as soon as you can to avoid getting ammo. For example, if you kill 2 guys and they each drop the same gun. Pick up one, go sell it and come back. Yea its a little more time consuming but it is so worth it.

Don’t waste money on guns and ammo.

There is so much of it in Prague. It’s crazy. I have never seen so many armed guys. Except in a Call of Duty game.

So why have money?

For Praxis kits thats why. There is a vendor in Jensens apartment complex that sells them. But he’s an ass. But Praxis kits. You might want to just suck it up. You can’t get those anywhere else.

If you plan on going lethal don’t bother getting the sniper rifle or marksman rifle.

They can’t be equipped with a silencer. But the Assault Rifle can. And the AR can get a 4x scope and shoot in semi auto mode. Effectively making it a sniper rifle. Besides, there are no distances long enough to warrant an actual sniper rifle.

Do every side quest.

This is a game where doing everything is possible and beneficial. You will miss out on so many things if you do not complete the side quests. And we aren’t even talking about leveling up.

Eldos Montreal has done an admirable job of making Deus Ex their own while maintaining the atmosphere of the original. That being said, there are a few issues but all in all this is a great game. I hope these tips help you complete the game and get maximum enjoyment.

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