Tips For Playing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Assassins Creed Brotherhood is a big game. Full of things to do and people to kill. There is a lot of stuff to do if you want to get 100% completion. So make sure you read these tips to allow you to fully enjoy the game and avoid frustration.

Without further ado here are some Assassins Creed tips

Play the 2nd game. It may not be much of a tip but it is more of a requirement. This game picks up right where the 2nd left off. Down to the minute. Its a little silly. So if you want to understand most of the story you should play the 2nd. Or watch a playthrough of the 2nd or otherwise watch or read about the ending. Otherwise this game will make no sense.

Take it slow. I had a tendency to rush through the missions as fast as possible. When I play a game I often pay attention to the story and so I want to learn what happens next. I would rush from main mission to main mission. Ignoring most of the game.

Do the side missions. You will learn about this world and the conspiracy behind the scenes. Also you will get better at the game and help build allies.

assassins-creed-brotherhood-tips-2Learn the city. This game takes place in Roma. It is a huge city. So learn the different distrcits and figure out the fastest way to get from one side to the other. This will help you not get frustrated when a mission is all the way on the other side of the map. It will also save you a lot of time.

Hunt for the flags and other trinkets that lead to 100% completion. There are so many things to look for in Roma. Ubisoft has packed the game full of collectibles and hidden items. This also feeds into the previous tip about learning the city. If you find these things you will find neat areas scattered around the map. They are often located in tough to reach places that offer a cool view of the world around you. Allowing you to learn the city and orientate yourself.

The counter button makes you invincible. You will counter any attack within a 360 degree radius. If you are a tight spot just spam that button

Relating to the tip above. If you want to have fun and make the game more challenging. Don’t use the counter button. It takes the fun out of fighting when you can’t lose. I would just use block and attack. No counter, despite counter being a much cooler looking animation. Since the game is all about having fun it works a lot better if you just don’t go invincible mode. That button is always there though.

assassins-creed-brotherhood-tips-3If you don’t want to use the counter button what I did was unmap it from my controller. That way I couldn’t use it even if I wanted to. It led to some funny situations where I was tired of doing the same part over and over again. So I would go to settings and hover over mapping it while having an internal debate on whether I should do it. My competitive side always won and I never remapped it.

If you want to remove the number of Borgia soldiers patrolling the streets; take out the Borgia towers as soon as you can. This gives you an achievement (I won’t tell you which one) and allows you to renovate Rome.

Renovate Rome. Don’t ignore that aspect of the game. Not only is it fun (I think) it also increases your gold. When you renovate you can earn more gold and thus buy more things.

Taking out the Borgia towers also lets you recruit more assassins to your guild. This is great because it allows you to earn more gold by sending out assassins on missions and gives you some backup if you need it.

When you first get the assassins guild, recruit 5 assassins as soon as possible. This gives you access to Arrow Storm. Arrow Storm is awesome when you are on a mission where you cannot get detected. Let the other assassins get detected, as long as you don’t.

Send more assassins on risky missions. The more assassins on a mission the higher the chance of success. So if you have a rookie assassin, pair him up with a veteran. This lets you train the rookie and still complete tough missions. Or send many assassins on a challenging mission.

If you complete the Romulus Shrine you get the best armor in the game. So it is worth completing early. That way you don’t have to spend money on any armor as the rest is worse than what you are wearing.

Don’t be overzealous in selling items. You need those items to unlock weapons and maps. While it may seem like a great way to make some quick cash (it is). Those objects are more useful if used at a later date.

When renovating the city it doesn’t matter what order you do it in. As long as you do the bank first. The banks are going to give you some more cash. Which is always a good thing.

Use the pistol to kill Borgia Captains. They are heavily armoured and will not die from a crossbow shot. But a pistol kills anyone in one shot. So I saved most of my ammo for the Borgia Captains. Just to be sure that they didn’t flee.

If you see a viewpoint on top of  Borgia tower you can just wait until you are going to burn that tower down. When you go to burn it from the top you can just synchronize the viewpoint and then set the point alight.

I hope these tips will help you conquer Roma and free it from the Borgia rule. Now go and murder everyone.

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