The Last of Us Remastered For PS4 Review

The Last of Us has been updated and improved, finally. This PS3 popular game is available for PS4 as well and besides a better cover, it brings a lot of additional improvements. It is known under The Last of Us: Remastered (for PS4). As a gamer, you will be able to enjoy better graphics, better shadows and of course, full 1080p. All of this suggests that this is one of the best and definitely the most appreciated PS4 games right now. Besides the fact it is popular, it has a lot to offer, such as certain benefits, compared to similar PS4 games. It isn’t a coincidence The Last of Us has been rated as one of the most addictive games ever developed. Still, there are a lot of facts and advantages of the game you should know, so continue reading. In addition, you should watch The Last of Us trailer.


As we mentioned earlier, this is an improved version of the older PS3 game. However, most aspects are changed, including the gameplay. This means that you will get a lot of new features and additions that will make playing the game better than ever. The story is the main thing you will notice while playing, so let’s start with this aspect.


The story is set in the world that has been infected with a pandemic, and after 20 years later, the situation is more dangerous than ever. You will see the ruins of the known world and be able to interact with survivors. They are infected as well, at least most of them, so don’t expect friendly conversation. In fact, all survivors are enemies and they will kill and use anything they can. There is no point in saying that they look scary and ‘’infected’’.

The main characters are Joel and Ellie. Joel is a hard-core survivor who isn’t infected, so he is no more than an ordinary human. On the other side, his capabilities and possibilities are far more advanced than an average person can achieve. His main goal is to move a 14 year old Ellie out of a quarantine zone. This should be a simple mission, but it isn’t! Soon after starting with the game, you will realize that this will be an epic journey that will involve and offer countless combats, complicated situations and as you may assume level restarts.


Combats will have an important role during the gameplay and let’s say they are well-made. There will be blood and fighting is definitely the peak of the game. Yes, it is messy, but this fact made the game so popular in the first place. Besides combats, which will take 40% of gaming, there are puzzles. There are a lot of them, in fact, and they are a great and luxury benefit. We say benefit simply because they have the main goal to make the game more interesting and allow you to play for a longer period of time. Note: Headshots are simply impressive and they are probably the best you can get from games of this type.

A famous (negatively rated) controls on the original version, which used L1 and R1 buttons are finally changed. On the new version, you can choose to use the original setup, but you can also use L2 and R2, which is more preferable. Keep in mind that this was the biggest drawback on the PS3, simply because it made shooting and aiming far more difficult.  On the PS4, you will be able to make gaming more precise and it will be simpler.


If you played the previous version, for the PS3, you may know that it featured 30 frames per second and it offered a resolution of 720p. At that time, this was enough. Nowadays, it is below the limit, so it wasn’t sufficient. Luckily, the remastered version offers 60 fps and a much better resolution of 1080p. The end result is amazing. Graphics is at least 120% better than on the Play Station 3 and on the Play Station 4, you get a lot of new and fresh graphics advantages.


Probably the most important one is better graphics in general, obviously.  Characters look much better and the world is very real. We should add that animations are real-life alike, which is another reason why this game is so popular. Improving the fps made combats and shootings more direct, more linear. Simply said, they look more real, so gaming will be more realistic as well.

Improved shadows deserve a special attention. They make the entire game more perfect. The World, characters, and even puzzles are more advanced thanks to this improvement, and they looked much better.

The bottom line, when it comes to the graphics is that you will be able to experience some of the best video quality found in PS4 games right now and you will like spending more time playing, especially due to the fact The Last of Us: Remastered can be compared with the latest games.


The best feature you will experience will be the ability to explore the pandemic world, but this time with the help of Play Station 4 power. This means that you will enjoy in amazing graphics and still be able to get all the elements you liked in the old version.


There are 8 new maps for multiplayer as well. However, they are available in the Reclaimed Territories and Abandoned modes. Each one features the same video advantages available in the main game, so all 8 of them are preferable.

The game offers additional features that are worth $30. All of them have been added in order to make the gaming more interesting and better than ever. You will definitely have to try the game in order to understand them.

In the single player mode, you will be able to play and enjoy in the Ellis past mode. It is a pre-sequel of the main story, and we would suggest you to try it. Maybe it isn’t as interesting as the main game, but it is definitely one of those additions that can make things better.

While playing the game, you will notice comments from the creative director and cast. Although, they are not something that will make the entire game better, we kind of liked them and they are an interesting/unique feature.


  • Left Behind expansion pack.
  • $30 worth content in the game.
  • 8 new maps for multiplayer mode.
  • Impressive graphics and compact effects paired with latest shadows.
  • One of the most interesting stories ever used.
  • Fluid and smooth gameplay.


  • You will literally buy the same game twice (once for PS3 and now for PS4).
  • There are no impressive visual additions.
  • Aiming and shooting are still contradictory.

Who it is for? 

We would say that this game is for everyone! The Last of Us has been rated as one of the best games of all times, so intermediate and experts should play it. It is definitely made and developed for gamers who liked the original game. Now, they will be able to experience the same thrills of the game, but with a much better graphics, better gameplay, and all the aforementioned benefits.


Thanks to the simple/interactive gameplay and story, we will also recommend this game for gamers who like to focus their complete attention on the game.

On the other side, it may be too complicated for beginners, so they should start with the previous version.

Training/tools overview

There are 12 hidden manuals in the game. It is definitely recommended to find them and to use them, simply because they are designed for making Joel more powerful, stronger and more resistant to the various threats. Finding them will be simple.

It is definitely the worst thing you can do to start playing the game in the multiplayer mode. After all, the mentioned manuals/tools are needed.


The support of the game is outstanding. You will have the official website where you can get all the needed info and if that isn’t enough, you will have a troubleshot forum. In essence, this game offers better support than most rivals.


If all of that isn’t enough, there is the official Facebook page where you can get additional info, solutions, fixes and get an answer to an urgent question.


The Last of Us is one of those games that you will have to try in order to understand all the features and the benefits it has to offer. It is probably the best game of this kind and playing it is highly recommended. You will have a great time and no matter how long you play, you will want to play more and more.

Thanks to the impressive graphics and smooth gameplay, even the most demanding gamers will think of the game as on a real pleasure. The winter is coming, so if you are looking for a distraction from cold weather, The Last of Us is at your disposal, now ready to offer more than ever and to take you on an amazing journey in the amazing, but the pandemic world.

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