The King of Fighters XIV For PS4 Review

The King of fighters XIV isn’t an ordinary game. It has been developed for gamers who like to fight and who want to have a game that will keep their attention busy for hours, even days. You will understand this claim once you realize that in order to get all the details, learn all the moves and fully understand your fighter. Now, there are a lot of fighters (read more to get the actual number) and every single one has his own skills and techniques you will have to remember. Don’t forget that you must completely master your character in order to win more demanding battles.

As you may know, The King of fighters XIV is a sequel to the XIII version, and now, a new version brings several upgrades, just some of them are new fighters, new fighting arenas, and new combats, which we appreciate the most. Still, the 2D design has been used. It can be treated as a plus side if you prefer complicated combats that are time-consuming, or it can be a drawback if you get used to new 3D games. In both cases, you will have a lot of fun, that’s our guarantee. Check out a new official trailer in order to better understand what The King of fighters XIV has to offer.


This game is all about number three. You can play with a team of three fighters against another team, a well-known thing and more than just appreciated.


However, you will be able to beat the entire opponent’s team with just one character, due to the fact he will be able to fight until he is beaten. Although this is possible, it isn’t recommended. You will have to pay attention to the Max Meter. The first character will collect level 3, a second one level 4 and so on. The main goal is to completely fill the max meter and get the ultimate power, which will be useful against your enemies. This also means that you will need the level 5 max meter in order to defeat some of the opponents.

Playing as a single player, story mode, is possible as well. In this case, you will have to choose your only character (there are 50 of characters to choose from) and a battle can start. The main goal is to become the king of fighters, as the name suggests. Don’t forget that you will have to defeat all the rest characters and only then you will be the best fighter! The hardest thing is to learn the combos. They require precision, accuracy and they must be used at a perfect time. All of this makes the game more difficult, therefore, it isn’t a right choice if you want to get relaxed.


All fighters have the ability to use new techniques. One of them is the ability to the role. It can help you sometimes, but keep in mind that your opponent can catch you and throw you, which isn’t very energy-non-consuming. Being trapped in the left or the right corner is possible as well and it is a nightmare. We also must mention the Rush Combo. They can be achieved through just one button and you will have to use them only when you are very close to the enemy. And yes, the damage will be catastrophic.


Maybe explaining the game is simple, but explaining the graphics definitely isn’t. It is complicated and it goes from the best into the worst in a matter of nanoseconds. On one side, the main characters are beautifully made and they shapes, shadows are at the ultimate level. The same things apply on the scenery where they fight. It is also made in the best manner and it is worth of your time. Sadly, there are some drawbacks. For example, some elements and some items are poorly made and the graphics simply aren’t as good as in the rest of the game. This especially applies to the some characters that appear in the game. Still, keep in mind that the most levels and fighters are perfectly presented, but not everything is done on this level.


While the aforementioned point may be treated as a drawback, the fighting itself is outstanding. Combos, hits, and effects will make you play more and more. Magical scenes and moves are also perfectly done and we must say that fighting is almost perfect. We also liked the new effects that will appear every single time you use a combo or some spell. They will remind you on the previous sequels of the game, but they are much better designed and far more interesting.

The bottom line, when it comes to the graphics is that you will be able to play an amazing game and you won’t even notice the most of the mentioned drawbacks, simply because the gaming is very interesting and thrilling. However, if you are a perfectionist, you will notice some things that may disappoint you. In that case, try to be more focused on the fighting, you are going to need full attention.


The best and the main feature of the game are 50 characters you can choose from. All of them are capable of making a gameplay much better and more interesting. There is no point in adding that some of them are different original and new. Yes, The King of fighters XIV has new characters, so it is more desirable than previous versions of the game.


Combos and fighting-related features are another good thing. In general, you will be able to perform amazing moves, but in a single second, you can be thrown away, trapped or killed. All of this is needed in order to make the gameplay more interesting and more suitable for gamers who want the ultimate feel.


  • Choosing between 50 different characters.
  • Fighting itself.
  • Rush combos.
  • Possibility to play 3 vs. 3 players.


  • Graphics, in some parts of the game.
  • The story is too simple and shallow.
  • The game may be too complicated for newbies.

Who it is for? 

The King of fighters XIV isn’t for every gamer, that’s for sure. Due to the complexity of the fighting and the fact the game features time-consuming learning and requires certain skills, we must say that it is mostly suitable for intermediate and experts. New gamers will have a hard time learning the moves and all the combos. The fact tutorials are not sufficient means that more experienced gamers will be able to use the full potential of the game.


Gamers who spent a lot of time, plating previous sequels of The King of fighters are definitely those who will appreciate the sequel the most and we can say that this game is made for them. Intermediate skill level gamers will have a hard time at the beginning, but they will be able to sort all the elements and techniques of the game, therefore they will be able to play and complete it.

Training/tools overview

One of the biggest drawbacks of the game is the lack of training features. There are no tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know. Yes, there are tutorials in general, but they can teach you only the basic things and they won’t prepare you for the actual fight, which isn’t very good. Unless you are a proficient gamer in games of this type, you will have to look help. Videos and walkthroughs are the best choice and probably a mandatory one.


With this game, you will get support, but not the best on the planet. Yes, there are some support options and you can get everything you need, but they are not at the satisfaction level. One fact you should know is that the game has an official website for US gamers which means that gamers of this part of the world will have better support.


In addition, you can access different forums and look online for some solution, but it will be difficult to find one that actually works. Luckily the sequel is stable and there are no a lot of issues with it. After all, SNK had enough time to perfect the game.

Final opinion

The bottom line of The King of fighters XIV is complicated and simple at the same time. If you are looking for a game that will be interesting, fun to play and get your adrenaline levels up to the sky, it is perfect for you. On the other side, if you are looking for a simple game that has just a few options and a few features, this isn’t the right game for your gaming experience. The game itself is time-consuming and complicated, due to a lot of combos and a lot of fighting techniques you will have to remember. At the same time, you must plan and execute all the hits in a right time.

Don’t expect amazing graphics either. The main goal of the developers was fighting and thrilling, not the beauty. All of this means that you will adore or hate The King of fighters XIV, depending on what you are looking for. In order to get that, you will have to play it.

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