The Evil Within Reviews (PS4, Xbox One)


The Evil Within is a survival horror video game developed by Tango Gameworks. It is also known as Psycho Break in Japan. The Evil Within is played as a third-person perspective just like the majority of the games in recent days. It was released worldwide for Xbox One, PlayStation and Windows platforms in October 2014. The gameplay is very demanding as well as challenging at the same time. You start with very limited resources and arms, and as you fight through the levels while finding collectibles and avoiding repulsive traps, you get more weapons and unlock hints and powers.

The protagonist of the game is Sabastian Castellanos, a veteran police detective, who needs to use game environments and collectibles for survival and advance in the game. The story starts with the investigation by Sabastian about a mass murder. He, along with his fellow detectives, Joseph and Kidman, encounter an invisible and powerful force. He was then knocked unconscious and awoke to find out his colleagues as dead and the city under heavy earthquakes with the dreadful creature called The Haunted wondering around in the city doing mass murder.

This is a single-player story arranged in chapters and the player has to advance through the chapters. There is an option of a “Safe House” which player can access during scripted events and by finding special mirrors. The player can take rest, upgrade ammunition and save the game there. An interesting thing worthy of mentioning here is the auto save mode throughout the game. Sometimes, it gets ugly and irritating as the autosave starts right in the middle of the fights with no apparent reason whatsoever.

The player has many weapon options including rifles, shotgun, knife, grenades and a special type of weapon which can throw bolts capable of freezing and even exploding enemies. The availability of all these weapons, however, depends on collectibles which are not so easy to get hold of. You will be tasked to use your investigative skills and search through different locations while fighting against the enemy at the same time.

Your major enemy in this game will be the bosses. You have to fight against them to pass through the levels. The graphics and designing teams of The Evil Within have done the marvelous job by crafting upsetting and twisted monsters who will make you shiver at the first glimpse of these creatures.


The Evil Within has earned positive critic because of below positive points. The game has received good ratings from both critics and general audience and is appreciated for following reasons.

  1. Amazing storyline with extraordinary gameplay
  2. Meticulous and immersive graphics
  3. Very tense combat scenes and striking atmosphere
  4. Feeling of triumph which is a byproduct of daunting difficulty levels of the game.
  5. Creatures which will make you shiver and satisfy your core desires.
  6. A wide range of ammunition but tough to get hold of due to difficulty level.
  7. Choices made by antagonist which affects gameplay and outcomes.

Below is the list of some of the cons of The Evil Within.

  1. Repeated fighting scenes again and again which can’t be ignored and sometimes become frustrating.
  2. Irritating auto-saving of the game during fighting scenes.
  3. The difficulty of the game gets annoying sometimes.
  4. An invisible enemy which appears from nowhere and kills you suddenly.



The Evil Within is rated suitable for the mature audience (17+) due to its strong language, blood, gore and intense violence scenes. The gameplay and creatures you encounter during fights, especially your enemy in the game called ‘bosses’ are not for faint-hearted players. The element of surprise and the unexpected appearance of the invisible force which will kill you instantly is also not for everyone. It is best suited for the individuals who like ecstasies, gore, and deadly fighting scenes and are okay with mature language. The difficult level of the game is so high that it will make you wonder you cannot progress through the episodes. It will make you grind, upset and angry. But the sense of accomplishment after all this is the feeling you would want to experience.



As with most of the games nowadays, you will be walked through all the options and controls of the game with your first ever play. You can create profiles and save your progress. It is installed on your Xbox One console and you also have the access when you are online. The size of the game is 34.65 GB which is very high and you need more than a couple blue rays for that. Downloading it online is another option, though.


The Evil Within was the second best-selling game in the United Kingdom in the first week of its release and third best in the United States so you can get an idea of its popularity. It also made the record of highest sales in the first month in survival horror genre which was later broken by Dying Light.

No matter how strong and consistent your mental, you will at some point feel like you are fed-up with the game due to its intense difficulty levels. Even the most experienced gamers have reservations on this point. But, the positive side is that it makes you use your imaginative skills and explore the terrain to ultimately figure out the way out which you will eventually.

The fighting scenes with bosses are humongous and the gore effects and transitions are second to none. If you can ignore auto-save and some repeated fighting scenes then you got to have one of the best gore and horror video game out there.

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