The Best 10 Games For Xbox One


Genre: First-person Shooter

DOOM puts you back in the shoes of the legendary unnamed marine, so you can once again fight the legions of Hell, in the most dark and brutal setting imaginable. The game returns to its roots, as the combat system is one of the most fast-paced and open-ended in gaming today.

Good: The game captures the atmosphere of the original Doom perfectly and improves all the main gameplay elements. There’s a large arsenal of weapons, which along with the melee attacks, diversify the brutal combat sequences. The levels are large, and relieved of any cover system, as DOOM encourages players to meet their enemies head on. The icing on the cake are the game’s graphics, which add even more awesomeness to the way you dispose of your foes.

Bad: If a story is an important part of the game to you, then you’ll be left disappointed. Also, the online modes aren’t as fun as the single player experience, and need improvement.

DOOM is a must-buy Xbox One game for all the original game’s fans, and a perfect title for all first-person shooter addicts that want to raise hell.

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Genre: Graphic Adventure

The game let’s you play the role of Bigby Wolf, a detective from the famous Fables comics, and invites you to solve one of the best mysteries in gaming to date.

Good: The biggest strength of the Wolf Among Us is obviously the story which, along with the unique style and witty dialogue, provides the players an unforgettable experience.

Bad: The gameplay is barely there, as most of the time the player just chooses dialogue options and plays QTE sequences.

The Wolf Among Us is a fantastic noir detective story mixed with some magic, in a stylish, narrative experience that really does the comic books justice.

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Genre: Survival horror

The Evil Within will have you playing the role of a detective in a truly dark, unforgiving world that constantly sends chills down your spine. The game has an episodic nature and it mainly focuses on survival, while slowly progressing through the story.

Good: The most powerful aspect the Evil Within has to offer – is the constant feeling of thrill, which is accomplished thanks to the game’s atmospheric graphics, suspenseful story and strong characters.

Bad: The game’s biggest fault is that it didn’t bring anything new to its genre, and simply reused all the proven elements.

The Evil Within is a perfect choice for the fans of Silent Hill and other classic survival horror games.

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Genre: Graphic Adventure

Full of tough choices and emotions, Life is Strange feels more like an interactive movie, with an added twist of time-travelling, than a game.

Good: The story is deep and touches on a lot of important subjects, while the time rewinding mechanic adds unpredictability to everything happening in the game. The graphics in Life is Strange, the sound & visual design, turn this game into a true piece of art.

Bad: As in most narrative-driven titles, the gameplay side is lacking, leaving the player to solve simple puzzles and run around searching for items, during most of the game.

Life is Strange is a great choice for people who want a deep, emotional story and don’t mind the fact that what they’re playing, isn’t always a game in the conventional sense.

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Genre: Action-adventure

The Shadow of Mordor places you in the darkest part of Middle-earth, as you play as Talion – a ranger murdered by the Black Hand of Sauron. It’s an open world game, which allows you to freely roam the dark lands of Mordor, while trying to avenge your family.

Good: The rhythm-based, strategic combat system is superb, with a lot of awesome looking combos. A unique feature of the game is its Nemesis system, which adds a lot of depth to the side quests and increases the game’s replay value. All of that is backed up by top-notch graphics and sound design.

Bad: The story is severely lacking. While the main character has some personality, he isn’t all that interesting, and with no real NPC’s, there are no noteworthy interactions to keep the player interested in what is going on in the storyline. The lore of the LOTR isn’t expanded and is barely used in this title.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is highly recommended for all hardcore action gamers & Lord of the Ring fans that value an engaging & fluid combat system.

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Genre: Horror Adventure

Layers of Fear is a dark, psychotic horror title which allows you to take on the role of a crazy artist that is slowly wandering about his ancient mansion, solving puzzles along the way.

Good: The atmosphere in the game is perfect, capturing the player and having him on the edge of his seat from the very beginning. The visuals and sound design are unparallel and immerse the gamer even further into its wicked story.

Bad: The game does lose steam over its course and ends up being a little disappointing, as the story isn’t as interesting as it initially seems.

Layers of Fear is one of the best horror games on Xbox One, and a must-play title for all the genre fans that love their nerves being tickled.

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The world of Tamriel is available in online form now, packed with an enormous world and finally allowing the players to share the experience with their friends. With all the provinces available and ten races to choose from, The Elder Scrolls is a game one could easily get drawn into for months.

Good: A gigantic, lore-rich continent with quality combat and an extensive character creation system. The game also has nice PvE content and a well thought-out class progression system. And as of 2015, there is no more subscription fee.

Bad: The graphics are really mediocre for this day and age. TES Online lacks some of the atmosphere & charm that their single player games have. Server & connection issues are still a serious problem sometimes.

TES Online: Tamriel Unlimited is the MMORPG all the fans of the franchise have desperately been waiting for and with the new expansion pack – it finally feels like the game they deserve.

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Genre: Adventure

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons takes you on a trip with a couple of boys, who are on a quest to cure their father. Despite being an indie game, this title has a unique approach, both in the way the player controls the characters and in puzzle solving.

Good: A Tale of Two Sons immerses the player with its interesting, emotional story, which is conveyed via gestures and expressions.  The narrative is backed up with varied gameplay that will keep the player entertained and won’t make him feel as if he is watching a movie.

Bad: This isn’t an AAA project and it shows both in the graphics department and the game’s length. If you already played the Xbox 360 version – feel free to skip this one, as nothing new is really added.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a perfect game for people who want an interesting adventure game with a fairytale feel to it.

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Genre: Casual \ Kinect

Fruit Ninja returns, as it will have you use your hands to slice up fruit more awesomely than ever before, with improved Kinect tracking and graphics.

Good: The core gameplay is as fun as always, with a variety of modes added and expanded upon. Plus, of you play Fruit Ninja 2 long enough – you can lose a few pounds.

Bad: At times, Kinect movement tracking still makes errors. The game gets repetitive very quickly, so it is best played in short sessions.

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 is an awesome choice for casual players that want to have some mindless fun alone, or want to host a little competition with their friends.

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Genre: Action RPG

Geralt of Rivia returns for his final adventure in the last part of The Witcher, as CD Projekt Red provide one of the best open-world, role-playing experiences in the last decade.

Good: The player gets to explore an enormous world, filled with dozens of hand-crafted quests, each one of them with its own story that feels and plays in a unique way. The player is often given a choice on how to handle each mission, which increases the replay value of an already 100 hour-long game. The graphics are the one of the best in gaming history to date.

Bad: The combat can be off-putting at times, and the interface isn’t as well-structured as it could be, considering how much effort went into the rest of the game. Also some people might feel lost, if this is the first Witcher title they play.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is perfectly suited for all RPG fans that value a good written story and dark fantasy worlds.

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