The Best 10 Games For Wii U

The Wii U is often disregarded as a “real” console, relegated by many to the realm of exercise machine and casual game device. But this isn’t actually true. Let’s take a look at the top 10 games on the platform and prove it wrong.


Nintendo’s veteran Zelda series returns again, with an improved version of Twilight Princess, one of the strongest and weirdest titles in the series.

Gamer type: Zelda fans, adventure fans, Nintendo fans

Good: Twilight Princess has a dark and twisted story, second only within the franchise to Majora’s Mask. With UI and graphical improvements, and some added content, Twilight Princess HD is clearly the version to play.

Bad: As brilliant as Twilight Princess is, it has it’s flaws. The intro sequence is long and boring, and it becomes quite obvious that the game doesn’t know how to handle gameplay outside of dungeons.

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star-fox-zeroNintendo’s long-neglected Starfox series sees another reboot with Zero. Despite some weaknesses,  the titles comes out strong and is well worth playing through.

Gamer type: Nintendo fans, shmup fans, space fans, etc

Good: Starfox has always been great for adrenaline play, with fast-paced space-based awesome shootouts between you and your team and a much larger enemy force. That shines through in in Zero, which also maintains the series’ fondness for alternate routes and hidden options.

Bad: The Wii U struggles with Starfox Zero at times, seeing major frame drops when large explosions go off or simply when there’s too much on screen. This is something of a tradition for the series as well, unfortunately.

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guacamelee-super-turbo-championshipGuacamelee! is is the much-loved, much-lauded side-scrolling action-platformer from Drinkbox. The Super Turbo Championship Edition is a further improved edition that was ported to almost every platform, including the Wii U.

Gamer Type: Platformer fans, Mario fans, action-platformer fans

Good: This title is just so much fun. With beautiful art, difficult precision platforming, enemies to mix things up, and the skill to write in a whole new boss into the story and still feel like the additions belong, there’s so much here for many gamers.

Bad: “Intenso” was a poorly calculated addition which takes away from other systems.

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mario-kart-8The Mario Kart series, Nintendo’s entry into the racing genre, manages to be both friendly and easily accessible and serious enough for true tournament play. Quite an achievement.

Gamer type: Racing fans, Nintendo fans, gamers looking to try racing games

Good: Obvious and welcome improvements over it’s predecessor including an overall speedup and re-balancing, careful addition of antigrav mechanic, and attention to detail all make it very clear that Nintendo is committed to the best experience possible with Mario Kart 8.

Bad: The online features are, in a word, lacking. These could use major improvement. There’s no way within the game to do friends-only matches, for example.

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super-smash-brosAnother of Nintendo’s great returning titles makes the list in Super Smash Bros., this version massively tweaked and improved.

Gamer type: Almost any, from newbie to veteran.

Good: Many modes, mode improvements, larger all-out battles, better graphics, and so much more make Super Smash Bros. well worth the time, both alone and with a group of friends all the way up to

Bad: 8-player brawls aren’t offered with online play, only local. Amiibo “DLC” requires purchasing the miniatures. The Amiibo AI acts weirdly sometimes, throwing matches even at fully leveled status. Smash Tour, an ill-conceived and boring mode.

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Windwaker is and was a much-loved title in Nintendo’s Zelda stable. It got some flak for it’s art style when it came out, but it earned it’s position in fan’s hearts regardless.

Gamer type: Zelda fans, adventure fans

Good: New lighting, better draw distance, HD textures, and the stream lining of the late-game combine to greatly improve the already excellent Windwaker.

Bad: Not everyone likes the art style, even now. Some might consider the stream-lining a mistake.

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darksiders-iiDarksiders is an awesome take on the action and adventure genres for anyone who might want something a little different than Zelda or God of War, or Zelda or God of War fans who just want something more. The demise of THQ has recently left the series in an unfortunate limbo, but we can still enjoy the existing games of the series.

Gamer type: Zelda fans, adventure fans, God of War, Devil May Cry, and other action game fans

Good: Well implemented touch controls, engaging adventure storyline, and excellent combat combine to make this title a very worthy offering on the Wii U.

Bad: There’s been some graphical downgrades to make the game play well on the Wii U, unfortunately.

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bayonetta-2Bayonetta is a bit of an oddity on Nintendo’s platforms. The action title is much more adult than most of the series Nintendo is willing to stand behind, but it does what it does with excellence and incredible amounts of fun.

Gamer type: Fans of action titles like Devil May Cry and God of War, gamers who enjoy visual spectacle in combat

Good: The combat is simply superb. With a depth of options that’s difficult for even veterns to plumb, but is open enough for newbies to jump in, the combat in Bayonetta exceeds that of ninety percent of the genre it competes within.

Bad: The writing here is the game’s primarily flaw, and draws a superb game much further down this list than it would otherwise deserve.

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assassins-creed-iiiAssassin’s Creed is a well-known series, full of justified murder action that many gamers so enjoy. This entry isn’t technically the 3rd in the series, but Ubisoft hopes that can be forgiven for it featuring the third protagonist, Connor.

Gamer type: Assassin’s Creed fans, action fans

Good: Assassin’s Creed III carries the Ubisoft crown of open world kings a little further. With so much to do, and a beautiful, expansive in which to do them, as well as a great story as framework, this title achieves it’s goals.

Bad: There’s some downgrade in resolution and such from other platforms to keep the game running smoothly on the Wii U.

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pikmin-3Pikmin’s been lalmost treated as Nintendo’s red-headed stepchild for a while. But behind that reputation lies a surprisingly enjoyable series.

Gamer Type: Strategy fans, newer gamers

Good: Pikmin 3 manages to polish gameplay and visuals to an absolute sheen. The strategy on offer here will have you coming back time and again.

Bad: The difficulty curve is somewhat ramped down from the original and the initial sequel.

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