The Best 10 Games For PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita finds itself in a rather peculiar position as a gaming console. It’s powerful, there’s no denying that. But, it’s also quite a bit pricey. Released in an age of gaming-capable smartphones and inexpensive app-store games, it’s not so easy to justify the PS Vita’s rather expensive price tag.

These 10 games released for the PS Vita, however, may just change your mind and make you invest in one of the most powerful handheld gaming consoles available today.


Tearaway is one of the few games that makes use of all what the PS Vita has to offer. A rather simple 3D platformer, the main draw of Tearaway is that the people in the game are supposedly aware of your presence. You heard that right. They can actually see you, thanks to the Vita’s front-facing camera. To them, you’re like a god of sorts, and they can feel the impact made by every time you tap on your screen and change their terrain.

Who is it for: Gamers who liked the LittleBigPlanet video games will find Tearaway quite enjoyable. So too will those who’re looking for a fun game to play to help pass by time.

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Originally released for the Playstation 2, Persona 4: Golden deviates from the fantasy and science fiction themes usually seen in RPGs. Instead, it’s a social simulator sprinkled with hardcore RPG elements, resulting in a rather unique take on the RPG formula. Case in point, players can take their exams in the morning, and eat steak with their girlfriend for lunch. Afterwards, they can go to the mall after school to fight off shadow monsters. Weird, right? But, it’s also surprisingly effective. Not to mention, addictive.

Who is it for: If you’re looking for a game to justify buying a PS Vita as more than just a gaming console to help you pass by time, look no further than Persona 4: Golden with its 70++ hours of gameplay.

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Playing Gravity Rush makes for quite the unique gaming experience, to say the least. Kat, the protagonist, is able to control gravity. This allows her to fall in any direction she chooses. The experience can be quite disorienting. But, it’s also rather enjoyable. Combined with a fun story, beautiful visuals and a creative art design, with a fitting soundtrack to boot, and you’ve got a game well worthy of some love.

Who’s it for: If you’re looking for a unique gaming experience, Gravity Rush is as different as games can get. The mechanics are far from familiar and its combat more free flowing than involved.

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Also available on the PS3, Trails of Cold Steel is often described as one of the best RPGs available on both the PS Vita and PS3 by those who liked it, and an oddity for those that didn’t. That polarizing description pretty much sums up the game.

The turn-based RPG game plays at a rather slow place. The quests feel tedious at times, which can turn off some gamers. But, persevere and you’ll find yourself treated to a game with a compelling story, strategy-heavy combat, well-written dialogue and surprisingly interesting characters.

Who’s it for: If you’re a huge RPG fan, love reading and don’t mind a rather slow pace, get the game.

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Virtue’s Last Resort may seem like a visual novel at first, and the game will reinforce that idea all throughout. But, as you play through it, you’ll realize that it’s a game that surprisingly mixes elements of visual novels and video games quite well.

The main game isn’t exactly that long, but the need to play through each story will hook you right from the start.

Who’s it for: If you like video games with compelling stories, albeit a rather grisly or gory one, get this ASAP.

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What exactly is PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate? Is it a shooter? Is it a flying game? Is it a rescuing game? More importantly, though, who cares? It’s a game that lets you control a small craft to fly through a series of caverns. Throughout the game, you’ll rescue people, kill creatures, and find gems, all the while being treated to some of the most beautifully animated liquid in all of gaming.

Who’s it for: Focused and linear, the game is a nice refreshing break from today’s infatuation for open world and random games.

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The remastered versions of both games are still as quirky and as enjoyable as they were back then as they are on the Vita. They’re perfect if you’re looking for a casual RPG to pick-up and play while on the bus or train and both should keep you occupied for weeks, if not months.

Who’s it for: Any former player who wants to relive FFX’s awful voice acting while wearing headphones on the way home from work.

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Disturbing, disgusting and yet somehow, very satisfying to play, Hotline Miami is a guilty pleasure of a game that makes you feel cool while brutally murdering people.

Protip: Wear headphones while playing the game outside so you can immerse yourself on the game’s soundtrack for even more gory mayhem.

Who’s it for: Fans of electronic music and twitchy action games. Deviants and murderous sociopaths, really.

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Spelunky lets you play as a very cute and tiny version of Indiana Jones, complete with tomb raiding and treasure hunting elements. Although the PS Vita isn’t the first platform the game appeared in, it’s arguably where it belongs.

By the way, don’t let the cute and adorable graphics fool you. Spelunky is a challenging game, with many secrets waiting for you to discover. Expect to die every few minutes, or even seconds.

Who’s it for: Gamers who’re looking for a challenging game that they can enjoy playing in bursts or while on-the-go.

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With a story revolving around the protagonist jumping into his basement to escape from her mother who supposedly was instructed by “God” to kill him, you know you’re in for an unusual ride. The game is disturbing, to say the least. But, don’t take that against it. It’s also quite an impressive twin-stick style shooter, filled with challenging Zelda-like dungeons that will keep you entertained for hours.

Who’s it for: Pile this along with Spelunky as one of those games that will challenge you, and yet keep you coming back for more.

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Here’s to hoping that after reading this list of some of the best video games that the PS Vita has to offer, you’ll be convinced to go get one yourself. And, for the PS Vita owners out there, what games do you think we missed? Be sure to let us know!

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