The 5 Best Wii Games All Time


I love Super Smash Bros. You get a bunch of your friends together, boot up the game, and within seconds you are yelling at each other, taunting one another and having a blast. This game is either the most difficult well-balanced fighting game ever, or the biggest button masher ever invented. The thing I love about this game is that there is such a high skill ceiling but still enough randomness to allow you to beat your one friend who is a Smash God.

There are so many tiers of good players, it’s incredible. There’s the complete noob who has never played the game ever, and there’s the guy who has just figured out what all his buttons do, the one experimenting with shields, the one who has all the controls down, the chick who played too much, and god tier. Even in god tier, there is a massive difference between good and great. But due to the way the game is played it is possible for a complete noob to beat a god tier, at least once.

The game has a plethora of characters from different games from Link & Zelda to Wii Fitness Instructor. You choose these character which all of the dramatically different skills and abilities and then you fight on a platform till time runs out or everyone loses all their lives. That’s the gist of it. There is also a campaign where you can unlock character by fighting other people.

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The vast majority, if not all, LoZ games have been amazing. But even amazing can be outdone. That’s what Wind Waker did. It is the best Zelda game, and that is indeed saying a lot. The Legend of Zelda games always boasts awesome characters, a fantastic storyline, and engaging gameplay.

The games may not be revolutionary, but every new game offers new features and a new story as well as keeping it fresh and exciting for old players. New players are likely to find Legend of Zelda, especially Wind Waker, to be an easy to understand and being playing but difficult to master. The games have a hidden depth to them that can take many hours to truly master.

The games have been built specifically for Wii, and you can feel that in the controls. It feels natural to use the Wii remote and nunchuck. With the new WiiU, the game feels even better. The controls are intuitive, which is often hard to say for Wii games, and the attacks and other moves are weighted just perfectly.

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of Mario Kart? This iteration of the old series brought many improvements to a series that has managed not to become stale. There were tweaks to the drifting system which makes drifting feel much better and a lot more intuitive. This game also added motorbikes to the game. Those pesky bikes like to try to dart between the carts and avoid any collisions. It is the kart drivers responsibility to knock those bikers down and prevent them from using their tighter cornering to their advantage. Just block them.

There was also a new addition to the series, Mario Kart: Wii added more riders to every race. This means that there is a higher chance of chaos in the maximum amount of riders in the race. It fills up the track. Also, the ability to do tricks is impressive. I love being able to taunt my friends and showing that they suck and I am better.

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Donkey Kong has triumphantly returned to gamers everywhere. This platformer does not bring any new obstacles or any revolutions to the platforming genre. What it does bring is intelligent level design and an immense amount of fun. The best part of this game is that how often you die is determined entirely by your skill and your reaction time. You will die, but every time it will be because you made a mistake. The game walks the perfectly fine line between being punishing and but still being fun. Some games, like Dark Souls, are all about being punishing and even one mistake will kill you. Donkey Kong Country Returns doesn’t feel like that. But it also isn’t Call of Duty where you cannot pay attention for minutes at a time and still live. The game has a perfect level of difficulty.

Despite bringing nothing new to the genre, Donkey Kong refuses enough old ideas in new ways that it never feels boring or stale. There are vehicle sections that bring speed to the game and help break the monotony of jumping. Old barrels make great rockets where you have to dodge pieces of debris; these sections are incredibly fast paced and some of the most challenging parts of the game.

All in all this game is essentially a masterpiece, and I am excited about the next iterations.

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How can we talk about the most popular Wii games without mentioning Rockband? One of the most revolutionary games. This game created a whole new genre of games. If you ever wanted to be a rock star, then you probably wanted to buy Rockband.

This game gave you a guitar peripheral and asked you to satisfy thousands of adoring fans as you frantically hit buttons to the beat of some of the best rock songs ever created. The beauty of the game is that it was ideal for people who had never picked up a guitar in their lives and for those who had mastered the guitar. Being one of the former, I took immense pleasure from out-rocking my musically inclined friends.

This game made its way into millions of households and had entertained millions of people through millions of guitar hero parties.

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