Rocket League Reviews for Playstation 4

Do you want to play a simple game with a lot of features and extremely interesting gameplay? The Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars sequel, the Rocket League is the game for you. There are no a lot we could say and you may not know. This game is impressive in the lack of a better word and it is simply outstanding piece of development. The main advantage is the simple and fun gameplay, therefore you will be able to play for a longer period of time, without having to waste hours on some puzzle or something that is too difficult to solve. Your goal is to hit the ball and make a score. Adding weapons and fast cars just make this simple thing more advanced and better.

Graphics, the level of details and combat-related features are at the highest level, and all of these facts make the game better, obviously. Watching the official trailer should be the first thing you should do, simply due to the fact you will get a complete idea about the game and what it has to offer.


The gameplay of the Rocket League can be explained in one word. Awesome. You will be able to drive futuristic cars, armed with modern weapons and you will have to use them as well. The best thing is the speed these cars can reach. The entire game is speed-focused, so it will pay a special attention to those gamers who want to get the adrenaline and to make sure they got a fast-to-play game. The arenas, where you will be driving is another masterpiece, however, all the effort has been invested into the cars. They are the peak of the game and moving to a faster and more powerful car will be one of the main reasons to play the game.


In the previous sequel, we were able to see cars spinning around, especially in corners. There won’t be an issue like this here! Your tires are professional and they are advanced, compared to ordinary racing games. This means that every single corner won’t slow your momentum. There is no need to slow down to take some action, the game isn’t about driving slowly. All you have to do is to add more throttle and to be the first.

A huge ball will be a huge part of your gameplay. It is always available and it will occupy a lot of attention. We liked this addition and it definitely makes the entire game better, on a strange, but useful way. This also means that playing against actual people is more desirable than playing as single-player. Also, the game is perfect for gamers who like a combination of soccer and racing.

Playing versus computer is possible as well, but there is a drawback. Your opponents won’t be as capable as you, even at the beginning. Simply said, they will make common mistakes, at least once per turn. You will be able to take them and to beat them easily, something extremely easy, which isn’t suitable for more demanding gamers. On the other side, playing versus your friends won’t have this drawback, therefore your gaming experience will be much better. In both cases, you will be able to relax, at the beginning, but after some time, you will have to invest a lot of attention, knowledge and a lot of skills.


The Rocket League has an interesting addition to offering. The graphics is modern and we can assay high-tech. It is simply outstanding and it is better than some, more expensive and more advanced games have to offer. All aspects of the game are modern and feature the best graphics. This applies to cars, especially, but the grass is phenomenal as well. It looks real and you may get an impression that you can touch it.


The back world is done in the same way. It is modern, high-tech and we liked it a lot. All the items and the elements have been well-designed, so there is no waste of quality. Let’s not forget about the huge ball we mentioned. It also features the same quality of graphics.


Despite the fact the graphics is outstanding, the blur and the visual effects are something that makes the game better. They are far more suitable for extremely high-end games than for the Rocket League, but they are here. The blur is added in huge amounts, but it is perfectly categorized and divided, therefore gamers will have a great time playing, but won’t be annoyed by it. Especially great feature is the speed of the game, as we have mentioned. However, the speed is paired with great visual effects and together, they allow you to get the impression you are really driving a fast car.


Rocket League isn’t an ordinary game, so you get certain features that are not available in other games. The main advantage is the fact you can play versus 2, 3 and 4 players and in that case, the screen will be divided. We would highly recommend you to at least try this feature, it is important and it is extremely superb. Also, this is one of the rare games nowadays that allow you to do this, so it is kind of unique.


Shooting is another plus-side of the game. It allows you to defeat your enemies and to gain victory in a more interesting way, but also makes the entire game better. The best part is the fact you don’t have to open the door to shoot, nor have you to do anything time-consuming. All you need to do is to reverse your car and start shooting.


Certain additions such as earning experience from completing levels or doing something more important is also a feature we will mention. It is simply the feature that makes the game more suitable for gamers who want to invest time and try to complete the game as soon as possible.


  • Interesting gameplay.
  • Fast and the blur-rich
  • Being able to play versus 2 or 3 players.
  • The gameplay, paired with the speed of the cars is definitely one of the best sides of the game.
  • Unique story and gameplay.


  • Playing versus CPU is too simple, due to the fact, opponents will make common mistakes.
  • You will need time to get used to it.
  • You may come in situations that are very hard to move out.

Who it is for? 

Explaining who will have the most fun with the Rocket League is also a difficult task. We would say that the game is suitable for beginners and intermediate gamers. They will have a lot of fun and they won’t even notice the lack of some features and some advanced possibilities. On the other side, the main goal of the game are gamers who just want to have fun, not to play campaign or etc. All of this mean that professional gamers won’t have a great time with the game and they will probably want more features.



Despite the fact the Rocket League may be treated as a simple game, there are tutorials you can use. Playing as a single player will be the best and the main training you will have. Other training tools are not supported, but the mentioned one is only you will need.

A useful possibility is to use single-player mode as a training tutorial. As we said, playing versus computer is simpler and opponents make a lot of mistakes, which you can use.


The game has an official website, where support is featured. As the result, we can say that the Rocket League has a well-provided support that is much better than similar games have to offer. Sadly, additional types of help are not available, but you won’t have any issues that will require support.

Final opinion

The Rocket League is a game you should play, due to a simple reason. You will be able to experience the speed and the adrenaline spikes, which is definitely needed. Another thing you will have to know is that most gamers just try the game, but they end up playing it for a long time. You will probably be one of them. Let’s not forget that the best part of the game is the gameplay that offers speed, precision and it is simply interesting. We will also add the fact that speed-addicts will adore playing the Rocket League.


The graphics and the visual effects are another reason why you should try the game. They are more advanced that equivalent games have to offer, therefore they make the entire game better. Blur and the effects will force you to play for more and more. The bottom line of the game is that it should be at least tried and chances are high you will play it for a long period of time. It is one of a kind and it is something that should be taken into account if you are looking for a new game to keep you occupied.

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