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Pokken Tournament is a long awaited game that has been the interest of Pokemon fans for quite some time now

It is a mix between a standard Pokemon game and a fighting game. You play it like a Pokemon but when your Pokemon battle, you get to control them and choose what moves they use. The dream of every Pokemaster out there. The game was developed by Nintendo and Bandai Namco. The fighting takes the style of Bandai’s popular fighting game Tekken, while still bring you elements of other Pokemon games. The fighting is not as in depth as Tekken with less of a focus on tight controls and crazy combos and more of a focus on abilities and the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokemon.

There are many different maps that you can battle to be the very best on

What map you are on does not affect the gameplay at all, it is only different scenery that you see as you throw out the fire, or water, or grass, or whatever ability. On top of this, there are supports, and these are minor Pokemon that you can choose to help you. They give abilities such as longer ranged attacks. This allows for some variation in how the game plays. A little strategy in how people play the game.

When you start the game, you select which Pokemon you want to use

There is quite a bit of choice, including Charizard and Pikachu. After choosing your Pokemon, you get to choose what you want to play. You can play online in battles, or you can do the campaign/ single player mode. This is where you battle AI to advance through the leagues and upgrade your Pokemon on the way. Once your Pokemon become powerful enough he/she/it can be evolved. Just like a typical Pokemon game. Except for this time when you evolve the Pokemon, you get new moves and a slightly different fighting style. Many changes take place when you evolve a Pokemon that will influence the way that you fight and how you must approach certain Pokemon.

Visually the game looks excellent

The art style is pleasant to look at and brings the atmosphere of Pokemon to life. The world that on the surface looks cute, chaste, and childish; but when you look a little deeper everything gets a bit darker. There are real evils present in the world, and the good guys aren’t necessarily good guys. But that is only if you look deeper, which the visuals do not force you too. You can happily enjoy this fighting game without having to look deeper.

Pokken tournament 2

The gameplay is surprisingly deep and intricate

There are two fighting styles. The Field Phase, a 3-D fighting arena where you can sidestep, and positioning is important, and the Duel Phase – where you battle out in a traditional 2-D style fight of combos and blocks. These 2 phases interchange depending on the fight. A strong blow in either stage will knock it back to the opposite stage forcing you to master both stages to become the champion. Like I said, Intricate. The game has a promising amount of depth and breadth. Each mechanic is well thought out and works well in its position.

One of the biggest flaws of the game, however, is that it does take a while to learn

Accessibility, it seems was not high on the priority list. Which is fine by me. I would rather have a full game instead of one that has no features but is easy to learn. And to their credit, the developers have offered plentiful single player modes to get used to fighting for those who do not play any fighting games.

Another flaw is the relative lack of Pokemon

There are only 14 Pokemon to pick from at the start of the game. That is subject to change as you play the game and unlock more. In the name of spoilers, I will not go further. But either way that number falls far short of the hundreds of Pokemon in the universe, but if we consider it realistically then the developers has done a marvelous job. Making a fighting game with hundreds of unique characters. All of which need different moves. And all of which have a preset style is enough to give any programmer cold sweats. This could be a positive though. As sequels could easily simply increase the number of Pokemon. Instead of 14 give us 20. Or 30. Or just gradually increase the number of Pokemon with each game. Hopefully adding new mechanics as well.

The story is a little lacking, but that’s ok

The fighting is good enough that it makes up for it. Having a story is the only addition to giving you a reason to get in more fights with your Pokemon and to conquer new gyms. Another unmentioned Pokemon is your antagonist in this game. More I will not reveal. Spoilers you see.

Final Verdict

This game is a worthy addition to the Pokemon universe. It comes very close to realizing the dreams of controlling my Pokemon in a battle. If you are a fan of Pokemon, then you should get this game. If you are a fan of fighting games, then this game is worth a look. If you are a fan of both, then you certainly should get this game.

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