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Finally, we have an opportunity to play a game that is different and original. Life is Strange is probably the most appealing games for teenagers and gamers who want to try something new. For example, you get unique gameplay and possibilities that no other game has to offer. All of this made Life is Strange a game that most people should try and definitely the biggest part of them will continue to play it. After all, the gameplay is unique, graphics, offers interesting effects and the story is suitable for almost all people. Before moving one, pay attention to the official trailer and you will completely understand why this game is special.


The gameplay of the Life is Strange is the best part that makes this game so perfect. We like the beginning, especially, due to the fact it is different than all other games have to offer. At the same time, the game will slowly guide you and pull you into the story, which is suitable for gamers who want a slow intro and want to develop the story afterward, not as soon as they start playing!

There are 5 episodes and each one is more complicated than the previous one. There are new additions in each one and all the features mentioned below will be extremely complicated on the 5th level. We like the fact levels are perfectly long. This means that they are not too long, so you lose interest in them, nor they are too short, so you pass them in a few hours.

You will play as Max, a student from a small city in the United States, who is a photographer by the way, but with a unique capability. She can re-wind time, so playing the game is set on many levels and in many time-frames. We also liked the fact she discovers this possibility accidentally and both of you will have to develop it.

The second most important part of the game are the characters. Well, they are interesting in the lack of a better word and they are different than most gamers usually know for. For example, as Max, you will have to make strong friendships and to eliminate the wrong people from your life. Sadly, this is far more complicated than it sounds and you must be prepared to make many mistakes. Note: During the test, we had to re-start the complete game due to several mistakes we made. At the same time, make sure have the nerves and time to play the game. This is a slow-action game, so it will require your patience. In any case, if you try to play as quickly as possible, you will end up badly!

Beside mentioned friendships, you will have to play a role of a detective (metaphorically) and you will have to solve many puzzles. All of this is amazingly done and we liked it a lot. Don’t forget that there is bullying as well and all aspects are deeply emotional, including the mentioned done. As you may believe, all of these actions and possibilities are combined with the time and ‘’adjusting’’ it.


Life is Strange has an average graphics with impressive additions. For example, Max is perfectly developed and graphically introduced, but the rest of the characters aren’t. They look basic and there are no additions nor effects that can make them stand out from the crowd. The world, however, is a separate story. In all 5 episodes, you will get impressive shadows and even better graphic features. All of this makes the entire game real, so it isn’t a coincidence that a lot of gamers like playing the game, but they didn’t like the characters. We wonder why??? Still, Life is Strange has one of the best-developed worlds you can find. No matter where you are and what you will do, you will enjoy the environment.


Movies and tutorials in the game are another masterpieces. They are much better that most, equivalent games have to offer and they are some of the best elements of the game. In essence, you will get all the best, such as the quality, they are interesting and they are not too long, which is a nightmare for gamers.

Another fact we like is the time-traveling, time-controlling effects. They probably make the entire game more appealing to perfectionists and they are definitely something most people will like to see a few times per a day, so you may fall into the temptation to start time traveling just to see the effects in question.


Not all is spotless, however! There are some elements we find beginner-suitable. For example, most elements in a room are perfectly graphically presented, but there is one or two that look like they were designed in the past century, which causes a mixture of thoughts. The bottom line is that we like the graphics, just we didn’t adore it. We believe you will think the same.


Playing Life is Strange you will be able to experience amazing things. One of the main features and probably the main one is time traveling. You will have to learn how, when and why you have that possibility. This is also one of the features that make this game so popular.


Another feature the game offers is modern and advanced character interaction. You will have a lot of capabilities and the number of interaction actually depends on you. The feature in question is at least 20% better than equivalent games have to offer.

5 episodes are also a feature that is characteristic of Life is Strange. The first episodes are interesting and they will slowly guide you through the game. More advanced episodes are more demanding and more complicated as well. We especially liked the third level. It offers a perfect mixture of the difficulty and the features/options you have. It is also perfectly balanced. It is no too difficult nor too easy to pass.


  • Time-traveling based game. Games like this are rare.
  • Character interaction.
  • One of the rare games that represent teenager’s life and situations.
  • The World is advanced and looks like a real place.


  • The game is depressive at some points, which makes it not suitable for some gamers.
  • Some elements of the game are difficult to understand.

Who it is for?

We can say that the game in question is suitable for beginners and intermediate. After all, it doesn’t have some special story that expert gamers like to see. The fact it is relatively simple to play at the beginning is another reason why we think beginners will have a great time.


On the other side, only gamers age 17 and above should play the game. There is violence, strong language, and dangerous situations/effects.

Training/tools overview

The fact this game is storytelling based, the actual gameplay is a training tool you will need. In essence, you will be able to get the full idea about the game and how you should play. We also liked the first and the second episode, due to the fact they are perfectly focused on the bringing you in the game.


In general, the gameplay and the story are simple, except the detective puzzles which may need you 10 hours to complete. On the other hand, once you get a full idea about the game and what it actually requires, all the puzzles aren’t going to be too difficult. Of course, your intelligence will have an important role in playing the game.


Well, support is probably the best you can get. At any given moment, you can contact the support team via email, or by a telephone call. Any issue is solved quickly. We actually tested the support team (phone call) and we were presently surprised. Not all they are available 24/7, but they are also professionals, so any issue can be resolved in a matter of seconds.


In addition, you also get support forums which may be useful, but there is no actual need to use them.


Should you play the Life is Strange? Yes, definitely. This is one of the most original PS4 games we have tried and we liked it a lot. It is interesting, fun, depressive, hard and simple all at the same time, which makes it different. On the other side, how many time-traveling games have you tried that are related to teenagers?

In any case, 5 episodes will pass extremely fast, so you may get addicted and looking for a new sequel. At this moment, we don’t know when and is a sequel going to be developed, but due to the original story and gameplay, we should like to see it. Don’t forget that this game isn’t suitable for children under age 17. There is violence and there are some animations that are ‘’questionable’’. But, if you are older and you like to go back into the teenager life, the Life is Strange is the GAME for that.

The bottom line is actually very simple. This is a highly appealing game that is more than just popular, so why not play it today?

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