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Grand Theft Auto V is for everyone. Even children. If you don’t like shooting, then go do yoga. If you hate yoga then go driving. If you don’t like driving then go biking. And on and on.

This game is a masterpiece. If you do not have time to read the whole article then just know that the game is almost perfect. It is so full of things to do, its incredible. So what makes this game so good? Well first we have the graphics, those are impressive. The gameplay is stunning. The game has so many things to do. It will provide over a 100 hours of fun. Easy.

If you have never played Grand Theft Auto, any of them, then let me tell you what they are like. If you have played feel free to skip this paragraph. The GTA games are open world games with a story. But you can do the story in just about whatever order you want. And the story and missions are never the most entertaining part of the game.

You can hop in a car and drive around, fly a plane or helicopter, pick up hookers, pay for their services. Or murder everyone. When parents complain about games ruining their children they are referring to GTA. This game was shocking when it first came out. Less so nowadays.

The graphics are stunning. Rockstar has always done well with graphics. Every game by them was the cutting edge of what was possible back then. And GTA V is no exception. The game looks great. And draw distance can be far away. The world is so full of small details that it is impressive how they thought of everything.

It’s the little things. The way the sunlight bounces off the fog when you are sitting on top of Mount Chiliad in the morning. Or how a bottle bounces off the ground when shot. Of course there are mistakes once in a while. But those are few and far between.

For the most part the game looks great. The facial expressions are awesome. They managed to convey emotions through facial expressions. While the game may not be frostbite engine level of graphics and lighting. It does it’s job and looks marvelous.

The Story

I know I said that the story and missions are never the most entertaining part of GTA V. But those stories are always well written. They have emotion, and while absurd, also bring a feeling of reality. They portray their characters as flawed people. Sometimes too flawed.

gta-v-review-2In GTA V you take control of 3 characters. Frank, Trevor, and Michael. They begin with separate timelines and lives but as the story progresses they become intertwined. Each with a distinct personality. And when shit hits the fan you don’t know who the good guy is. That is good writing. Like real people the characters aren’t black and white good. Some good some bad. Each of them is gray. Just like you and I. I am not a perfect person (pretty close though) and neither are you (pretty close as well).

Rockstar works hard to exaggerate that fact. The characters all have glaring flaws. But they also have good in them. And that is Rockstar’s way of showing us that many people have a lot of good but also flaws.

The story also brings us wonderful opportunities for gameplay. As a game story should. It advances the plot and grants us new abilities. Like learning how to fly a plane. Or working on our shooting. While being an open world game and pushing you to explore it also gives you a good linear story. I personally like linear stories but GTA incorporates open world into their story perfectly. They first built the world then crafted a story within it.

The Gameplay

Its damn near perfect. You don’t even have to do the story if you want. You can just steal cars, kill people, go mountain biking, join a religion, start a business, go clubbing, go on a rollercoaster, go boating, go racing. You get the point. There is an absurd amount of stuff to do. Most of it fun. Shit you can even go hunting. Like what other game lets you go hunting. And murder cops. Right after finishing a mountain bike race.

The cars feel good, the controls are intuitive in a vehicle. Which is good. Because you will spend a lot of time in a car. The biking is tricky. But I think that is because they needed to differentiate it from cars and other vehicles.

gta-v-review-3The shooting is a lot of fun. The guns, while feeling similar, are fun too shoot. The enemies do a good job of forcing you to cover. A better job then some other triple A shooter titles (not naming names).

If you just stand out in the open you will be able to take on a couple of bad guys (or good guys) but you will die quickly. If you are a quick shot then you can do it. But if there are more then 5 enemies you will die soon.

This game nails a lot of different gameplay aspects. Despite none of them being the main focus. With such a big game it is tough to get every feeling right. But Rockstar worked their magic and nailed it. Almost every part of the game feels good.


Without a doubt the game of the year. I have a friend who refuses to pay for games that haven’t been proven to him. But he bought this game on release. That’s how good it is. When I got the game my girlfriend got mad because she didn’t see me for a few days. I was too busy. Half of the world called in sick on the day that this game was released.

Grand Theft Auto V gets a 9.5/10 because no game is perfect. But this game gets damn close.

This game is one of the best ever to be made. I do not say that lightly.

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