Doom Game Review

DOOM is a game that I really thought would flop. I am so used to remakes being either stale or too different or just plain bad that, as much as I wanted a new DOOM, I didn’t want a new DOOM. I was just afraid that a new DOOM would ruin the series.

I am so happy I was wrong

This game is exactly what every single remake should be. It stays faithful to the series but introduces enough new aspects that it feels right at home with today’s modern shooters. The core of DOOM is shooting, and that is what this game does best. The gunplay is incredibly fun. I haven’t seen a game that felt this fun to me. It’s fast paced and completely overkills; but that’s what DOOM is in a nutshell, its visceral, gut-wrenching, unadulterated brutality, and masculinity. It makes me want to shotgun a beer and drive a big ass truck. Then I turn off my computer.

Doom 4

In DOOM you take control of DOOM guy, that’s what he is called

He has no name, no face, and no voice. I’m assuming he has all of those but we don’t see it. He is a killing machine, an overkilling machine. And the game tells you that from the beginning. Right at the first scene, you know that you are not meant to take this game seriously. You wake up strapped down to bed with demons in the room ready to kill you. You quickly out muscle leather straps and grab a demon by the skull, one finger in his single eyeball, and smash his head into the side of the real bed that you were on. From there you dismember the rest of the demons and find a pistol. After clearing that room, you move to the next one and get the Praetor suit. The name of the suit is a throwback to ancient Rome where the praetors were responsible for civil justice. Hell yea, let’s bring civil justice to the bowels of hell.

And bring justice he does

Justice in the form of the perfectly weighted arsenal. Each gun you equip feels just right in your hands. Speaking of hands, those are also weapons with DOOM’s glory kill system. When you stun an enemy, you have a chance to rush them and then dismember them, often beating them with said members. There is nothing more satisfying than defeating a demon to death with their limbs. The combat is quick, fast paced and the reversal of every FPS troupe that DOOM helped create back in the day. The default movement speed is faster than most games Sprint, and the health and ammo system facilitates being in the thick of things as opposed to hanging back and slowly whittling down enemies. When you glory kills an enemy, they drop ammo and health. This means when you are most vulnerable you are going to have to get close and right in Hell’s face.

The Single player is well paced with large sprawling levels that are well designed, albeit, the kill rooms are only constructed

There is just the right amount of verticality and enough space to do what you need to do, which is slaughter everything, but they are not visually stunning or particularly unusual. They work and give you a good pace. These significant levels also facilitate exploration through codex’s that give you cool informational tidbits about the universe and the characters.

There is effectively no story, which is exactly what I would expect from DOOM

There is an obvious bad guy that wants to harvest energy from Hell and an obvious good guy, besides you, that is guiding you along and helping you close all the portals. The writing is well done considering you never say a single word. DOOM is funny when you consider that the whole point of it is not to take itself too seriously. iD software purposely made the game over the top, which is exactly what DOOM should be.

Doom 5

The visuals seem cartoonish trading the gory spooky visuals of the first games for a slightly goofy Hell

It isn’t a game that I would want to hide from my parents as I did back in the day. That being said, I still wouldn’t let my niece watch me play. But the soundtrack is perfect. Literally. It’s just perfect. It’s precisely the type of music I imagine running through DOOM guy’s head as he kills everything and anything that moves. It’s a mixture between dubstep and hardcore metal, and it makes you feel even more powerful smashing in demon heads. Thank you, Mick Gordon.

The multiplayer is a weird mixture that doesn’t fit together too well, but it is still fun

The lack of regenerative health and little ammo carries over to the multiplayer. But fear not for there are abundant health ammo packs on the ground. Loadouts also make an appearance in multiplayer which is odd considering ammo and health are on the ground. On top of that DOOM brings in Halo’s relics that alter your gameplay and give you little single-use boosts with the demon gimmick pickups scattered across the map. These all slam into DOOM’s fast paced gameplay rather awkwardly. But the multiplayer is nonetheless very entertaining, and I will be spending lots of my free time in it. Once I find all the old DOOM levels that are hidden in every level. That’s how you pay tribute.

Doom 2

Final Verdict

I expected this to be the last gasp of DOOM and to have the series ruined. But after playing it, I am more excited by DOOM than ever. There are a few weak points in the game such as the multiplayer, but the strengths far outweigh the negatives.



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