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This is one of the scariest games from FromSoftware ever developed. In fact, it is the latest sequel of the Dark Souls game and now it is better than ever before. We like the game and we will highly recommend it to all. It is scary, RPG game that will thrill you and frighten you at the same time. Even more important, this game involves sorcery and swords, so it is one of the rare games with these features. Right now, it has 88% satisfaction rate, which makes it one of most appealing newer PS4 games. However, there are a lot of additional facts you should know about it. Note: If you are planning to start playing the game, make sure you don’t do it at night unless you aren’t scared easily.

In any case, you can look at the official Dark Souls 3 trailer.


We already said that the Dark Souls 3 is located in a dangerous world that is threatened by the apocalypse. It is dark as well and doesn’t expect to see anything cheerful in it! Due to this fact, we won’t recommend playing by children! Now, the thing the most interests us are the puzzles and the routes in the game. There are two bosses and two different routes available at any given moment and each one is completely different than the other. Bosses are extremely hard to beat and they are the peak of the game if you want to invest a lot of time in order to complete a level.


Another fact you should know is that older versions of the game had a slightly different world that involved completing levels in one big step. Simply said, all levels and routers were connected and linked. However, the Dark Souls 3 is different. Each part of the game is unique and it can be treated as a separate element of the game.

Another fact related to the world in the game is the locations. Each one offers interesting possibilities and you will be able to find hidden weapons, accessories and to get a better idea about your main mission. At the same time, this means that you will have to explore, a lot! Most items you can get are well-hidden, so don’t expect to find them in a few minutes. Tip: Pay attention to the strange elements on any location. They may hide something you will be able to use.

The location is set in medieval age, so it is perfect for those who like that period. You will be able to make a lot of interactions and a have a lot of possibilities within the world. Another fact we must say are the soul-looking creatures. Besides, they are dangerous, scary and they look real, at the lack of a better word, they are extremely hard to beat. You should know that resetting levels and start again are the main things you will encounter in the game, so prepare for that.

Characters, you will meet are more than just interesting and they offer a great possibility as well. For example, most of them will give you interesting adventurers you will have to complete. However, each one will take more than 2 hours to complete and it will be extremely interesting.


Dark Souls 3 is a high-requirement game. It means that in order to get the best graphics potential, you will have to use the full potential of your PS4. On the other side, you will get 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution, which is more than just great. We will add that the new version of the game is at least 50% better than the old one, and despite the fact it brings a lot of improvements, all of them are developed due to the same reason, to make the game better.


The graphics of the world is outstanding. We will say that it probably looks better than most games of this type you can play right now. All the elements are almost perfect and all of them will help you learn a thing or two about the game and the main mission.

Shadows and the textures are so good that they cannot be compared to the previous sequel. This also means that playing for a longer period of time is preferable.

The main character is well-developed and offers the ultimate level of graphic quality. The situation is the same when it comes to the enemies and additional characters. All of them are based on the latest development rule, so all of them look 90% real. Sadly, there are some drawbacks. Some characters aren’t well-developed. They look average at best, and they are the serious downside of the game. The only good thing is the fact there are no a lot of them!

Don’t lose hope due to the mentioned drawback. Combats and certain actions are also done in the best manner and we can even compare them to the more tempting and more advanced games of this kind.  In general, we can rate the effects 9/10, which is an impressive score!


Exploring everything you can find is definitely the most important feature of the game. It is also the most interesting one and the one that makes the entire game better and more interesting.


The main point of the game it to prevent the Lord of Cinder from resurrection. In order to prevent that, you will have to fight dangerous lords that will take a lot of time to beat.

The type of combats you will get is faster than ever before. In fact, it is 15% faster than in the Dark Souls 2. Now, it has a certain resemblance to the Bloodborne. All combats and all combat styles will help you beat your enemies faster and simpler.

Hidden enemies are something we should warn you about. Most of them will attack you only when you enter a room, which makes you more vulnerable. This feature is also characteristics to the Dark Souls 3.

A lot of weapons is the last thing you will want to know. Once you see all of them and use most of them, you will think that the Dark Souls 3 have been the best game ever. Once again, the main weapon is similar to the main weapon from Bloodborne, another advantage!


  • The world is almost perfect. It is definitely the best element of the game.
  • The main story and the locations in the game are interesting.
  • Additional adventures are useful.
  • Exploring the world.


  • Some parts of the game look cheap.
  • Even in the easy setting, it is very complicated.

Who it is for? 

Dark Souls 3 is the perfect game for gamers who played and like the Dark Souls 2. This means that it is more focused for intermediate and advanced gamers. We can confirm that, simply because the gameplay is difficult, so it isn’t suitable for beginners. These two types of gamers will find the Dark Souls 3 perfect game.


Keep in mind that the game will require from you to repeat certain levels a lot of times, so it isn’t suitable for those who want to complete a level as soon as possible.

Training/tools overview

Dark Souls 3 doesn’t have any special training tools nor tutorials. In fact, all the hard work will have to be done by you. On the other side, the world is free for exploration, so you will be able to perform interesting adventures and to get an idea about the game, combats and etc. that will help you in the rest of the game.


Due to the fact the Dark Souls 3 has been developed by the From Software, we all know how great support they offer. In general, you will have the official web page for all needed info, you get a Facebook page and there are a lot of forums with the help topics.


We will add that this developed is well-known for impressive support, and adding the fact this is the most popular sequel of the game, with the most gamers, obviously makes the entire support-related feature a masterpiece.


The bottom line of the Dark Souls 3 is simple. This is the best sequel now, and it is probably one of the best games ever developed. Maybe sounds like a well-known story, but it is one of those games that you will have to try. Yes, it is complicated, scary and time-consuming, but the end result will be amazing no matter what.

At the same time, we must mention that the entire game is focused on the apocalypse and it is a perfect RPG/fantasy world combination so there are a lot of new aspects and additions in the game. We like the enemies and weapons the most and honestly, believe you will as well. Enemies are dirty, and they will use every opportunity to kill you, but that makes them special.

At the end, we must mention the fact this is one of the rare games in this base that allows you to explore the world, which is definitely an important addition.

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