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Cards Against Humanity
Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Price: $25

The ultimate card game. This is not a game you want to play with your parents, unless you have cool parents. The creators of this game have some serious creativity. If you have never played this game you should. But here is how it works. The dealer pulls a black card out of a pile, that black card has a prompt. That prompt can be anything, for this example the prompt will be What is War good for? (which is an actual card in the deck). Then you have to select, from the 10 white cards in your hand, how to reply. You could select anything. For example you could answer with “Civilian Casualties”. The dealer then chooses their favorite card from all the submitted ones. If they choose your card you win the black card. First person to 7 black cards wins. It is basically a more offensive version of Apple to Apples.

A Drinking Game

I am pretty sure this game was designed to be a drinking game. The cards are hilarious and incredibly diverse. There is one white card that is Bees? And yes that question mark belongs there. So this is not a game for serious people who want to have a serious time. It is all about being dumb and fun. There are lots of expansion packs that will suit your interests, there is an anime one, a movie one. If you can think of it then there is likely an expansion pack. The cards are both obscene and boring. They are only boring alone though. There is always an instance where even the most boring card, like Thomas Jefferson, becomes hilarious.

Let’s Play with Best Friends

This is a game that depends largely on the people you play it with. If you are playing with boring people who do not understand your sense of humor then it’s not only going to be boring but frustrating. But if you are having a party it is certainly worth picking up this game. One of my favorite things to do with this game is that if you win the black card then you have to take a drink. This helps keep the game balanced if you have one person who is both hilarious and getting good cards.

The Key Is Humor

If you are playing this game you have to make sure that you have an environment conducive to humor. You cannot have a buzzkillers in the room. If you have a friend who is serious and does not know how to have a good time, you might want to leave them out of this party. But they might break out of their shell when introduced to the beauty of truly absurd cards.

The creators of this game market it as a party game that is as vile and awkward as you and your friends are. And they are right. The cards are awkward and poke fun at every taboo from race and religion to sex and fat people.

Be Careful…

This game is very frustrating to play with people who are easily distracted or think slowly. Gameplay revolves around talking and making decisions but I found it to be frustrating when people couldn’t make their mind up. I wanted to know what other people had lain down and whether my hilarious card would win. And then there was this person who was sitting there contemplating what card to lay down. They would think about this card like they were contemplating the reason for their existence. It was frustrating and boring as is there isn’t much you can do in between turns. Perhaps a time limit would make it more enjoyable for myself.

One of the great things about this game is the plethora of unique cards. If you find that the massive basic box set isn’t big enough for you then they have tons of expansions. But one of my complaints is that there are several cards that reference obscure people, shows or events. While this is great for the people who know those obscurities. It can be boring for those who have no idea.

Have A Good Time Tonight

For a game that is all about having a good time, it feels very good to win. And there are strategies that will actually help you win. People often the play the card that they think is the funniest but if you want to win you have to play to the card czar, or the dealer. You have to play cards that the Czar would think are funny. Because it is the Czar that decides the winner of that round. So if you want to prove to your friends once and for all that you are the king of comedy then you have to play smart. Also sometimes you will have cards that you do not understand or just simply aren’t good cards. Sometimes you have to dump those cards and take a loss for one round so that you can have the potential to get a better card. But that is always a gamble. You might get a card that is even worse than the one in your hand.

The biggest thing to remember is that this is not a serious game. It is a party game. So do not take this game seriously. Your friends are going to lay down cards that may offend you, ignore it. This is not a game for the politically correct or the easily offended. If you are part of a community that gets insulted in the name of this game. Ignore it. It’s a game and no one means it. Someone will lay down a card that will make you question whether you are a good person when you laugh. The answers will be gross, racist, sexist, and generally awful. Most importantly, they will be funny.

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