Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Reviews

Call of Duty can only change so many things in the single year that it is in development. These are the big games that everyone, including my grandparents, know about. If people picture video games they are probably envisioning something along the lines of Call of Duty. These games are like the Transformers movies. Loud, abrasive, and unapologetic. That being said, they are undoubtedly fun. Activision and Treyarch are the developer publisher duo, and this is not their first outing. These 2 studios are veterans and know exactly what they are doing. As a result this game is finished and has some very solid features. It knows what it is and does not shy away from embracing that.

The single player campaign opens with a robot ripping your arms off. A pretty brutal opening that does not end with you controlling a different person. It instead opens the door to augmentations as you get equipped with new cybernetic limbs. Pretty awesome. That is the basis for your special abilities. Those abilities include released nanobots on your foes. Treyarch has done a wonderful job making me feel like a certified BAMF. Aiming isn’t difficult as the enemies are predictable and move slowly. But when you are wall running, release nanobots and then drop down among enemies while headshotting someone on the way down it feels great. The weapons feel well weighted and shoot well. But the story is lacking, with on-the-rails vehicle segments that make me feel like they just wanted to try to compete with Battlefield. While in combat the other characters often say lines that seem so out of place and actually are jarring. The characters feel like they were writing by an 8th grader who has just watched a Transformers movie. “spread out!” even when I am alone is silly to say the least.

For all the mistakes that the singleplayer makes, the multiplayer makes up for them. The gameplay is fast paced, hectic and entertaining. The maps are small and have yet to fully adopt the new verticality allowed by the jetpacks and wall running. Sometimes there is a rooftop that has an invisible wall on it in the name of balancing. But the maps are otherwise as well designed as the other games. The game style is never stand still and aim for the head. The killstreaks are relatively unchanged. The only big difference between this one and the previous warfare game is the inclusion of specialists. These are character classes that are different, not only aesthetically, but also in their abilities. One guy has nanobots that he can unleash while one of the others has a Glitch ability that lets her teleport a short distance.

The frame that the multiplayer is built on is still the same. There are still the classes that you customize. You can still create your own emblem. There are still perks. When a game comes out every year it can be difficult to make too many drastic changes. I am sure Activision and Treyarch do not want to isolate their fan base either.

Then there is my personal favourite mode, the only reason I recently bought a Call of Duty game. The zombies mode. This mode, taken straight out Gears of War Horde Mode, you are pitted against endless waves of zombies as you fight for your survival. The zombie mode puts you on a map where zombies can enter in several different choke points that you can repair and board up. Eventually the zombies come in such large waves that it is impossible to prevent them from overwhelming you. Those moments of panic as you realize it is going to take some serious headshots to prevail are my favourite moments in the new Call of Duty games. The weapons are well designed for this mode. Basically the zombies mode is a game within a game. Gameception.

After playing this game I was itching for something that wasn’t so stale. I wanted the next Call of Duty to change the series. Bring something new. My wish got answered with Infinite Warfare. Call of Duty has gone to space. You can now pilot space ships and battle for entire planets. Based on the trailer that I saw it looks like there will still be the core of the series present. Shooting people. It looks like the guns will still feel good and the combat will be largely unchanged. But now we have grappling hooks that will let us pull enemies in for awesome hand to hand kills. How does this relate to Black Ops 3?

Because it seems like Treyarch has recognized that this game was the end of its rope. It is by far the best Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2 but it doesn’t come close to comparing to the original Modern Warfare. It seems like Treyarch knows they have exhausted their ability to produce essentially the same game under a different title every year. So they decided to give us every feature they have ever created in one easy package. So if you were ever a fan of Call of Duty then this is the game to buy.

Call of Duty Black Ops IIIIf you haven’t played a Call of Duty since Modern Warfare, if you have never played a Call of Duty, but you want a game that you can pick up and mindless play. Then this is the game for you. Whenever I had a rough day and I want to hang out with my friends and just relax while having something to do I boot up the zombies mode. But if you are looking for the game that you can play every day you are probably better off getting another similar game like Battlefield. The game is too stale and the community too toxic.


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