Bloodborne Game Review For PS4

You will have to love this game. It is a sequel to the Dark Souls 2, so it already has a lot of gamers who adore it. You will probably be one of them, simply because this is an amazing game, scary, but amazing. Most gamers said that they needed a few hours to get used to the gameplay and the style of Bloodborne. Some even say that this game represents hell, so it will remind you of your painful moments and on things you wish you have forgotten. In any case, we believe that this is one of extremely popular and probably one of the best PS4 games out there. If you haven’t tried it, please do, as soon as possible. Just in case, be free to check the official game trailer.


At the beginning, you will probably be frightened. The main character is all alone and he is in a city where only living creatures are the werewolves (your enemy) and a small number of people. However, don’t expect that they will be your friends. All people who are present on the gameplay will speak to you but barely and they will try to avoid that! The scenery is like after Armageddon, and there are no many things worth of seeing. In addition, the game is set in Yharnam, an ancient city.

The number of enemies who will attack you is immense, and the only thing that can help you are the weapons. Luckily, you will have plenty of them. You will be able to switch between different weapons and to switch light or heavy modes. Even better, the main character has a possibility to transform weapons from melees into side arms. They definitely make a difference and they will help you kill your enemies sooner, which is desirable.

Losing health is a common thing as well. After all, it isn’t possible to stay unharmed after so many enemies. On the other side, you will be able to withdraw or stun your opponents in order to re-gain your health. Yes, you have secondary weapons at your disposal that allow you to stun your enemies, which is more than just useful.


Keep in mind that you won’t have any particular mission to complete.  The main goal of the game is to explore the world and kill as many enemies as you can. During the game, you will encounter huge bosses that are difficult to beat. If you remember, we mentioned that werewolves are your first enemies, but later, you will encounter ‘’cosmic’’ creatures that are far more dangerous.


Graphics of the Bloodborne is controversial. In essence, it is fine, but we expected more. Yes, the world looks impressive, so as the main character, but most of the enemies are not as you would expect. The graphics of them is poor and even with the best graphic settings, they look at least one generation older.


While the aforementioned fact may be treated as a drawback of the game, fighting is definitely a plus side. Fighting enemies is done in the best manner you can possibly imagine and everything is completed quickly, followed by blood and fast disappearing, of the killed enemies. A special attention has been invested in the primary and secondary weapons. They look amazing as well and switching them won’t affect on the graphics. In general, all of this make gaming more interesting and better in any way you can imagine.

If you have played Dark Souls, you should know that the graphics in the Bloodborne isn’t as good as in the first game. However, it will be sufficient for most gamers and if you pay attention only to the gameplay and the bosses, you won’t notice any drawbacks of the graphics.


So, what Bloodborne has to offer? Probably the best and the most important feature is an extremely fast gameplay. All is happening too fast and if you are not focused, you will end up dead. This is perfect for gamers who like getting the results of combats as soon as possible and like to move on.


The re-gain feature is another addition that makes this game an even better. In essence, you will get some of your health back, when you block an attack of your enemy or perform a counterattack. Of course, it isn’t to get this feature as it sounds, but it is more than just needed.

Visual effects are the next best thing. You will get plenty of them and all of them will look amazing. Glowing effects and the waves on the water deserve a special attention, but if you want more you will get. In addition combat, visuals must be mentioned and they are also something that can make a difference in making this game better.

Although weapons have been mentioned, we must say that they are also a great feature if the Bloodborne and they are definitely more than just original. Add an impressive graphic they feature and you can understand how impressive these weapons will look.


  • Fast gameplay
  • The world and the character look extraordinary
  • Playing offers a lot of options and possibilities
  • Certain visual effects
  • Number of weapons
  • Re-gain feature


  • Slow loading time
  • Adjusting the camera may be complicated
  • It is frustrating for some gamers

Who it is for? 

Saying for which gamers this game is, is a bit complicated. In general, it will be more than just a great choice for gamers who liked Dark Souls 2 and for those who want to play more of a similar game. As we mentioned earlier, gameplay and a lot of features resemble the earlier sequel. If you are one of gamers in question, you should know that playing the game will be simple and all the features and customizations will be simple for you.


Another type of gamers, Bloodborne is suitable for, are beginners. The game is interesting and gameplay offers a lot of freedom, so it is suitable for newbies who want to explore and get an idea about this and similar games. If you fall into this category, keep in mind that you will need a few hours to get used for the visual effects and the controls. Bloodborne doesn’t have a slow beginning, which means that as soon as you start playing, you will be attacked, so don’t lose hope when you lose a life in a game.

The bottom line is that the game in question is suitable for beginners and intermediate gamers. Expert gamers won’t like the graphics and frustrating environment.

Training/tools overview

When it comes to training tools, there are any. However, you will get a tutorial in the game, which is more than just useful. After all, Bloodborne has a complicated gameplay, so it is highly recommended to pay attention to the details from the tutorial. Another fact you should know is that there are some tips you should use. For example, this game is difficult at some point, so you will die. No matter what you do and what you try, the best choice it to accept that you will have to repeat certain levels over and over. Make sure you spend a few hours trying your attacks and combos in order to improve your skills which will need you as soon as you start the game.


One of the useful advice we can give you is that visiting the Hunter’s Dream is mandatory. By doing this, you will be able to get an idea about hidden areas and features.


Contacting the developer, From Software is simple and the game enjoys huge popularity, so you will be able to get answers in no more than 10 minutes. In addition, the developer has an official Twitter and Facebook pages, which can be used for contacting them as well.


At the end, we must say that Bloodborne is definitely one of many games for PS4 you should try. In 99% cases, you will like the game and you will play it for many hours. Even better, you will meet new friends and the frustrating situation can be solved in less than a few minutes. After all, the game has more than a million gamers, so there are answers to any question you may have in mind.


The bottom line of the Bloodborne is that this game offers impressive and interesting gameplay, with fast fights and scary scenarios. Graphics isn’t especially good, but it is less important due to interesting fights and exploration possibilities. No matter are you a beginner or you already played similar games, you will find Bloodborne worth of your time.

Multiplayer capability is supported, which is one of the best plus sides of the game. There is no point in describing this feature, so you will have to try it. Note: It is recommended to play single player mode for some time before moving on to multiplayer version.

While all of this may sound great, there is the scary fact. Bloodborne isn’t the best game for gamers who like funny games. This is an actual horror-related game, so violence, blood, and scary opponents are the main things.

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