Cup Noodles Is Now Making Food For Gamers


For the longest time, Doritos and Mountain Dew have reigned supreme as gamer food. But a new challenger has appeared in the form of Cup Noodles.

Thanks to a CNN report, we know that Cup Noodles will make two caffeinated flavors of its iconic cup-based meals meant for gamers. Starting on September 18, people in Japan can start purchasing garlic and black pepper yakisoba, as well as a curry flavor, both of which of will use a base of pork and vegetables. In a press release, Nissin said the new product line is meant to serve Japan's growing population of gamers.

"The gaming population in Japan is growing year by year, especially among young people, and the number is said to have surpassed 50 million. To meet this demand, Nissin Foods is launching a new 'gamer-friendly' product for the first time in its history from its flagship brands Cup Noodles and Nissin Curry Meshi."

The CNN report explains how the Noodles being sold are "sauced-based" and "soup-free," so gamers won't need to worry about spilling broth into their PC towers. In addition, the garlic and black pepper flavor will cost 280 yen, roughly $1.90, and the curry flavor will cost 298 yen, which comes to about two dollars.

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