Bioshock The Collection For PS4 Reviews

Finally, the BioShock game is re-redesigned and re-mastered. Now, it is more interesting, offers better graphics, additional features and it is more suitable for gamers who want to spend more than 4 hours playing a single game. The game comes in a great package. So, you will get BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock: Infinity. Despite the fact you are getting 3 games in one, the price isn’t high and we can say it is more than affordable. Just to understand how great the game is, we will mention that the average score, gained from gamers is 8.6 stars. Other facts you should know before starting with your gameplay, is that the game in question is M rated and it is developed by 2K Games. The official trailer looks impressive, so be free to check it out.


Looking for a game that features a city underwater? Interesting locations, scary situations and a great main character? If you want to get all of that, the BioShock is the perfect game for you. The location is set in an impressive Colombia city, where you will have to be a diver in order to explore the world. Playing as a Big Daddy will help you understand the game better and get a certain satisfaction. We also like the fact your character looks better and more powerful than the main characters in order games, such as Bloodborne, where your character looks ordinary!


Plasmids are something you will appreciate, even when you don’t play the game. They are magical capabilities you will learn and improve in the game. As usual, the more you play, the more magical capabilities you get, so in an indirect way, you are forced to play for more and more! There is no point in saying that they look impressive and they are helpful. Note: It isn’t possible to pass certain levels without corresponding Plasmids, so you will have to collect them.

When it comes to the characters, except enough, but not too much! You will notice Steinman, Atlas and Sander Kohen. All of them offer a certain amount of interaction and fighting them is a real pleasure. However, they don’t look special, nor there are a lot of possibilities when you encounter them. Combats are low-quality and in some cases annoying.

We will add that playing and explore the world will keep you busy, but not for too long. In general, the game is well-made, but the main story and the enemies are not something that can keep your attention more than 10 hours.


BioShock has a 50-50 graphics. It means that half of the game and elements in the game look impressive and much better that equivalent games have to offer, but the other half doesn’t look special. For example, you will notice that all elements of the main world are impressive, but there are some additions, such as statues, posters and etc. that simply look like they were copied from older games. We don’t like that, especially due to the fact some of those elements have an important role in the game, such as doors or as an info provider.


While the general graphics in the game doesn’t look special, shooting is! We actually were impressed with some shooting actions and they are usually followed by a combat, which also looks interesting, by the way. This made the entire game suitable for gamers who don’t want perfection, they only want to play.

The characters are categorized in the first 50% of the game we mentioned earlier. Their graphics doesn’t look special, not at all. There are some enemies that look funny in fact, so they make the entire game suitable for children, although it is M rated.

Only plus side when it comes to the graphic quality of the game are those Plasmids. They are much better looking than the rest of the game and they look like a masterpiece. The best part is the fact this applies to the most of them, so pairing with looking for new ones and trying them will make the game more ‘’time-consuming’’.

When it comes to the graphics, in general, the bottom line is that you get an interesting game that doesn’t have a lot to offer. It cannot be compared to newer games, but it is a much better choice to have a poor quality graphic game that is more interesting than to have an ultimate-graphic game that is boring to play.


There are some interesting and impressive features about the BioShock! The main fact you will have to know is that you will get 3 games for no more than $35! No matter how great or dislike the game, you will have 3 of them, so you can choose the one you like. Note: We will repeat that the games you will get are: BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinity.


Another feature that should be mentioned is the free PC update. Although we played and tested the game on the PS4, it is available on PC. However, if you are an owner of the previous game, you can update it and get the new version for free!

Lighting enhancements are something you will like as well! This is a graphical upgrade, but it can be treated as a unique feature, simply because it is a great addition and it has an important part in the game!

A certain amount of exploration is a great feature. As a Big Daddy, you will be able to explore the city and you will enjoy it. This is one of those features that make the entire game better and more appealing. It is also the original feature, simply because you will be able to explore the world that is completely different than in other games. We liked this possibility and we highly appreciate it.

The story you will follow is suitable for all games and it is one of the most appreciated features the game has to offer. We liked the fact the story is still interesting, despite the fact it is 3 years old.


  • You will be able to play in an unreal world that is very interesting.
  • Learning magic and using it is fun.
  • You get 3 games in one.
  • World exploration is possible.
  • It isn’t very difficult to play.


  • The graphics aren’t
  • Certain characters are poor-quality.
  • There are no a lot of new additions.

Who it is for? 

BioShock is definitely a game for beginners. You get a beginner level difficulty, beginners gaming features, and entry-level actions. However, the story is advanced and it is more suitable for advanced gamers. This means that as a gamer, you will be able to play the game for a longer period of time until you perfect your crafts and make sure you become the best player, one more reason why the game is suitable for beginners.


In addition, we would say intermediate gamers will be interested in the game, just as not as beginners will.

Training/tools overview

BioShock is an interesting option when it comes to tanning. Yes, you will get tutorials in the game, but they are not something special. More importantly, are the three games included in the package! You will be able to use the first one, the simplest and to develop your skills. As the result, you will become proficient in playing the game and you will definitely make sure you make your way up to the upper levels.


Another, training possibility the game offers is the world exploration. It can be used as training, so it is the ultimate way to develop your skills.


Thanks to the official website, where you can get some amount of support and the 2K forums, we can say that the support, when it comes to the BioShock is highly rated. On the other side, you don’t get a Facebook support feature! Still, there is a Twitter official page, so it can be used as a replacement for Facebook.


So what would be the end opinion of the BioShock? It is an interesting, average game. It offers a lot, but don’t expect something even more. As a product, it is impressive. You get 3 games in a single package, which is desirable, but as a game, you get average impressions and possibilities. The gameplay isn’t as interesting as equivalent games have to offer, but it is slightly different and more appealing than the other games offer. The graphics aren’t suitable for advanced gamers, but keep in mind that this is a bit older game!

There are some positive sides as well. You will be able to play an amazing game, located in an amazing location, so makes sure you have enough of free time, due to the fact the game is addictive.  Learning useful magical features during the play time is another positive thing you will get. Combats aren’t time-consuming and they are easy to pass, which is another reason why we claim the BioShock is suitable for beginners. The bottom line is that you should try BioShock. Chances are high you will play it for a long time.

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