Best Computer Setups At Home For PC Gamers

For PC players there is nothing more important than our computer setup. The whole point of having a PC is how easy it is to customize everything to our exact liking and budget. That includes everything from our graphics cards to chairs and everything in between. With that in mind, I will go over the best gaming computer setups that I have tried and found on the internet.

I will always be striving to perfect my gaming setup, currently, I am running a GeForce GTX 960 from NVIDIA with an i5 6500 CPU. This is running on a Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard. I also have 8 GB of DDR4 RAM all being run on a 650w Bronze rating PSU, or power unit. This was my first build in a long time and it felt so good to get back into the game. That’s why I went for an overpowered PSU because I will likely be upgrading my Graphics Card in the coming year and I wanted an excess of power.

Concerning Peripherals, I have a lovely chair that I picked up second hand from a little store in my city. But my keyboard is non-mechanical unfortunately. But that will be getting upgraded soon. I just got a new mouse from Logitech. It’s the Logitech G502 Proteus Core. I chose this mouse because I have big hands and love a heavy mouse. Also, I play a lot of FPS’s so having a high DPI was very important to me. But 12,000 is ridiculous and I love it. This mouse also comes with weights that can add a little extra oomph to it and allow for slightly more controlled movements after my 3rd cup of coffee. But this is personal preference.

The one tip that I can give to setting up your gaming setup is prioritizing what is most important to you. I found a mouse to be more important than my monitor or my keyboard, that’s why I got a good one before upgrading my other 2 peripherals. But what is most important is different for every gamer. I have gotten into many arguments with my friends on what matters most. If you are going to upgrade, then do it right. Don’t upgrade everything a little bit. Get really good stuff even if it is going to take longer before you can afford it.

There are lots of cool computer setups. Some may not be practical but look really cool and others are the opposite, all function and no form. I will discuss and show you both sides of the spectrum. Personally, my computer is more function than form. But if it were up to me I would have a glass case and a beautifully wired computer to show off the hard work and money that I spent on my rig. Others just want a rig that can run every game in the next 5 years on max setup 1

If this build were mounted on a wall it would be an artistic statement. As it stands it is probably the neatest wiring job I have ever seen and has a wonderful use of color. It manages to distract from the chunkiness that naturally is a computer guts with a stunning blue and gorgeous use of cooling components colors. But its function isn’t bad either. It boasts an Intel 5960X CPU and an Inno3D GTX 980 Ti GPU. It also has an Asus X99-A/3.1 USB motherboard and a whopping 64 GB of DDR4 RAM. All of the data is stored on an absurd 6 TB HDD and a 240 GB SSD. This a stunning build that someone is unlikely to build to actually play games on. I would nominate this for an art museum.

PC Gaming setups are highly personal affairs that you really should spend time setting up yourself. That being said I would like to offer some advice on how to go about setting it up. Do research. Lots. In order to fully understand how much is offered in terms of gaming hardware and peripherals you need to spend time looking at each individual part; from the guts of the computer to the mousepad.

If I had the money I would have an entire room dedicated solely to my gaming habit and it would have awesome lighting, a great chair and each peripheral I wanted. It would also be decked out with the latest i7 Skylake CPU and the brand new GTX 1080 Titan GPU. With a beast of a PSU and a close loop cooling system. All of that would be mounted on a Z170 Motherboard, similar to the one I currently have. And I would have 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Honestly, if I had to rebuild my computer today I wouldn’t make too many changes. The whole point of building a PC is getting the parts that you need for the price that you want.

computer setup 2

This computer looks badass. It looks straight out of Johnny Cash’s song Ghost Rider. Part engine and part epic. There are plenty of case mods out in the world but this is one of the best that I have ever seen. On top of that, the part of the case is just as badass as the exterior would have you think. An Intel i7-6700K CPU working in tandem with a Strix GTX 980 Ti GPU. 16 GB of DDR4 RAM mounted on a Maximus VIII Hero MOBO. This powered by an EVGA Supernova 1000 G2 and a 240 GB SSD. Cooled by a Cooler Master Jetflo cooling system. That’s some serious hardware.

A gaming setup should be about comfort. You are going to spend hours there using this space so you might as well make it your own. What is less important is how it looks. I am a firm believer in function over form.


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