Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Reviews

The Assassins Creed series get a bad rep. And the new games deserve it. But there is a reason it got so popular. Because the first 3 games were exemplary. The first assassins creed adding verticality to games that was never before seen. Then the 2nd was a decent sequel. Exactly what a sequel should be. But the 3rd one changed everything. The 3rd was the one that I fell in love with the most. After that I stopped paying attention to the series. Nothing was going to be able to top it. And so far, no Assassins Creed has managed it. This game, while not the best game ever, was the best Assassins Creed game ever.

It isn’t the best open world game ever. But it’s up there. So what sets this game apart from the other Assassins Creed? Well it changed things. It didn’t just change the setting, it changed the way the game worked. It added new features, new story, new weapons. New gameplay. But with the same characters and the same setting. Just an extension on the 2nd game. But so much better.

You still played as Ezio Auditore da Firenze. An Italian assassin. Instead of being in Florence you are now in Rome and the surrounding area. Due to a battle going wrong you are forced to start over. You have none of the equipment, none of the brotherhood and you have to start all over again.

The game holds up well considering how long ago it was released in 2010. The graphics are actually quite good. They aren’y cutting edge but they are respectable. Even for todays standards. And the gameplay is still fun. If not a little stale.

If you are new to the Assassins Creed franchise then get the 2nd one first. Then get Brotherhood. The only reason I say that is because Brotherhood picks up right where the 2nd left off. Like, exactly where the 2nd left off. But if you only want gameplay then Brotherhood is the best game.

The story in Assassins Creed is not why I enjoyed this game. The writing is tacky, overcomplicated and boring. The whole premise is kind of cool. You can go back in time through your ancestors and live their experiences. That’s a cool idea. But it isn’t necessary. This is a video game. You can have the story of Assassins & Templars fighting for control, without ever coming to the present day. It make’s no sense and the sequences in present day are boring and just pull you out of the game. Desmond Miles is not as exciting as Ezio.

I have my issues with Assassins Creed. The story, the cookie cutter missions, and the annual iterations. But with Brotherhood my main issue is the story. There are cookie cutter missions for sure. But they don’t feel as bad as they do in the other games. The missions do not feel like its the exact same thing all over again. In the first game it was the same thing just different city. But in Brotherhood it is more variety. Not much, but a little bit.

The good outweighs the bad. The environment is awesome. The atmosphere of Roma is near perfect. The streets are dirty, the people are loud and the atmospheric noise is awesome. The city is huge. And there are enough little things to do within the city. Side missions and collectibles. Or you can do what I like to do. Get in as big a fight as possible with the guards.

As you progress through the game you begin to feel unstoppable. If you are in a fight that you think you might lose. Just call in your Brotherhood. The Brotherhood that you are building up.

assassins-creed-brotherhood-review-1Building a Brotherhood is actually my favourite part of the game. I love a good base building simulator. With the addition of new features and things to do the game has gotten longer and more unique. They added new features such as preparing your Brotherhood, new weapons, more customization and, more side missions.

Compared to the other Assassins Creed games. This one is a chock full masterpiece. But it is not as big a world as Rockstar manages to make. But, unlike Rockstar, this game delivers some moments that feel so badass.

Jumping off the roof of a building and landing with your knife in someones throat feels so good. The game does a great job of making you feel like a badass. You don’t have to be good at the game. It does a superb job of being accessible. But with that ease of access and ease of play comes a lack of depth. Some games are too in depth. Some have too little to offer. Assassins Creed Brotherhood manages to be on the too little to offer side of the spectrum. But it still has plenty to offer. The game has plenty of missions and things to do. It’s not like they don’t have anything for you to do. It’s just that the game has so much potential.


A solid game. One of the best Open world games. It keeps you entertained. With plenty of things to offer this game is one of the better ones made. But it does not live up to its potential. That’s only because there is an obscene amount of potential.

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